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In one form or another, I’ve been writing all of my life. But advertising runs in my family…

Below you see me in my father’s capable hands, the living legend, Larry Postaer. Larry is co-founder and former Chief Creative Officer of RPA in Los Angeles. That’s my little brother Jeremy in Mom’s arms. He is currently a Group Creative Director at JWT in New York. My Mother, Christine Montet was an art buyer at FCB before retiring in 2004.


As ECD at gyro I’m responsible for elevating the creative product across a broad range of B2B and technology clients, a niche I have been focusing on for over ten years.

In 2004, I was brought in to rebuild Euro RSCG Chicago’s creative vernacular: landing new business, building teams, and resurrecting the agency into a world class, full-service marketing agency. During my tenure the Chicago office quadrupled in size and revenue, becoming the top performer in the network.

Before that, Leo Burnett brought me in to take over and resuscitate a struggling B2B/Technology shop called TFA. Rebranding the entity LBWorks, we won a stunning array of new business and soon became “the arm of Leo Burnett with its sleeves rolled up.”

Bypassing the training program, I entered Leo Burnett as a copywriter. In my second year, I won a Gold Lion in Cannes. The next year I co-authored “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile.” Later I created the iconic “Curiously Strong Mints” campaign for Altoids. I became an Executive Creative Director and member of the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee and its Board of Directors.

A copywriter by trade, I’m perhaps best known for my work on behalf of Altoids, The Curiously Strong Mints.





My first novel, The Last Generation was published by the Inkwater Press. The story was later optioned by Touchstone Pictures for a TV series.

My second novel, The Happy Soul Industry imagines what would happen if God hired an advertising agency! Good and evil, right?

My last novel, Sweet by Design was published online and featured numerous links to the content as well as a contest for the book’s cover design.

In addition to Gods of Advertising, I also host The Rogues Gallery, a forum for advertising creatives around the world to showcase what they make when they’re not making ads. Your contributions are welcome.


Most copywriters would be lucky if they created one truly iconic idea. So far I’ve made three. Including the game-changing “Curiously Strong Mints” for Altoids.

Most advertising professionals are fortunate if they help turn around the fortunes of one agency. So far I’ve fixed two, the latest being my last: Euro RSCG Chicago.

I’m ready to do it again.

Inquires & Invitations are Welcome & Confidential:
Phone: 415-722-0158

54 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Naomi said

    Hey, loved your article about “fear” in advertising. It’s funny. I’ve had ads killed, but I’ve never been killed or fired for showing brave work. Amazing how many creatives, actually, live by fear.

    Wanted to tell you though, that JFK did not state “you have nothing to fear but fear itself” but that was Franklin D. during the depression. However, I understand that he himself borrowed that phrase.

    Whatever. Worth repeating.

  2. SRP said

    Thank you, Naomi.
    FDR not JFK.

  3. Nick Bruskewitz said

    While fresh in your mind…I wanted to extend a sincere thanks for spending your evening last night helping us impressionable and aspiring creatives navigate the ad world. I had a chance to sit down with you 2nd period, 1st round (something like that??). We talked about getting in touch via “Gods of Advertising.” Great site by the way.
    I also left you with a leave behind, that will function great as a coaster or small cutting board.

    I would like the opportunity to speak further, show my book (with revisions), and send a book and resume.
    My dream is to be a creative at an agency such as Euro RSCG Chicago.
    That simple. If there is another way to get in touch. Let me know.

    Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your time last night.

    Aspiring creative,

    Nick Bruskewitz

  4. SRP said

    You have a good book. we’ll talk.
    PS: you should care enough to spell my name right. I mean it’s on the damn blog!

  5. Nick Bruskewitz said

    Ouch!! (Knocking head on desk.)
    I hope my in person impression was better than that careless slip.
    Thanks. I look forward to speaking with you further.

    Nick Bruskewitz

  6. Ari Levi said


    Is that guy with angel wings peeing in the corner or is that just a shadow?? If it’s the former then it’s a good thing he took his halo off. Barbaric.

    Thanks for getting back to me,

  7. SRP said

    Angel is not peeing in the corner. That would be disrespectful…though funny.

  8. Pamela Feingold said

    Dear Mr.Postaer,

    You liked my Listerine ads!(that’s what you want to tell you) I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with you at portfolio night, since then I have made some changes to my book. I would appreciate the chance to share them with and hopefully get some further advice. Also maybe we could figure out the dilemma of my Kibblesn’Bit ads. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Pamela Feingold (Copywriter)

  9. SRP said

    Well this is one way to reach me…
    E me at work about setting up an interview:
    And Good Luck!

  10. Pamela Feingold said

    Hello Steffan,

    I sent you an e-mail about a week ago regarding setting up an interview and also attached my portfolio. I understand you are probably exceedingly busy, I just wanted to make sure you recieved my e-mail. I can resend it no problem.

    Thanks again,
    Pamela Feingold

  11. SRP said

    Please resend…
    Sorry, am very busy

  12. Nick Bruskewitz said

    Mr. Postaer,

    I met with you a few months back at Portfolio Night 6. I have made some changes, replaced a few things, added some ambient and interactive pieces. I would appreciate the chance to show this revised edition, as well as get any feedback you might have. I know this is a busy time of year…. thanks for your time.
    Go badgers!

    Aspiring Creative,

    Nick Bruskewitz

  13. SRP said

    I am busy.
    Perhaps in early August we can get together.
    Try me then, okay?

  14. Steffan,
    I’m not sure if you remember, but I met you a few months back at the OBIE Awards in Boca Raton. I work for a small, web-based start-up called DOmedia. We’re trying to make it easier for agencies and media companies to connect with one another (specific to alternative and OOH media). If you have a few moments, I’d love it if you could take a look at our website and let me know what you think (both about the site itself and the actual functionality). Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.

    On a side note, not that he’s really in the business, but Billie Mays drives me freakin’ crazy!! That’s my vote…well, him and everyone who keeps hiring him to do informercials.

    Thanks for your time.

    Laura Brooks

  15. Steffan said

    You’re ever so right about Billie. Look how he spells his name! Cleaning up the entertainment is the easy part. The important change will come from us: the creative community.

  16. Nick Bruskewitz said

    Mr. Postaer,

    You mentioned I should get in touch early August, I know you are crazy busy!
    I am hoping I can get in touch with you via email or phone, whenever possible. I met with you back at Portfolio Night 6 in May, I have done extensive adding, subtracting, and fleshing out of my book since last meeting with you. It would be great to get in for a Review!!
    I can also send you a PDF version. Thanks for your time.

    Aspiring Creative,

    Nick Bruskewitz

  17. Andy Webb said


    I’m not selling anything, looking for a job, or seeking advice! (Although maybe I should.) Please let’s not set up a lunch meeting.


  18. SRP said

    Hey, it happens. I like newcomers in the biz reading Gods and sometimes they ask for interviews…

  19. Andy Webb said


    Actually I admire your willingness to talk to people seeking an entrance into a business that is notoriously tough to break into. And I wasn’t putting down the job seekers; their enthusiasm sparked some memories and put a smile on my face, although my post was kind of dumb…

  20. SRP said

    You’re very welcome.
    I appreciate your readership.
    Now, have you read my new novel?

  21. chad said

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months. Saw you in the stands doing your now “famous” 7.5 second face rub. You said it all.

    I turned to my girlfriend and exclaimed, “I read that guy’s blog!”

    She thinks I’m nuts.

    Perhaps you’re more famous than you think?

    Chad (former coworker of Mrs. Montet)

  22. SRP said

    Thanks for reading and posting. Can you put the funny retort on the actual story so others can enjoy it?
    I’ll say Hi to my mom for you!

  23. Steffan
    I had the great pleasure of composing and producing commercial music for Needham Harper Steers /RPA in the 80s and early 90s. Your Dad was a blast to work with. He called me to create music for the California Lottery pitch, Honda, Bugle Boy Jeans and gave me many other opportunities. He knew how to hire and motivate people. He and Gerry together were beyond funny.

    Did you ever hear gerry do his “Sell It with A Song” presentation?

    TJ Knowles

  24. SRP said

    Nope, I have not heard Gerry’s “Song” presentation but I’ve heard Jack Smith’s!
    Thanks for reading…and writing.

  25. Tito Joenoes said

    Hi, Steffan
    It was joyful moments reading gods of advertising and I learn a lot from your blog. I still have got a chance to write but I shall spending a little bit of time to write what’s happening in advertising industry especially in Indonesia.

    I’ll come back more often and somehow I know it will be inspiring.

    Be Well and All the Best,
    Tito Joenoes (Euro RSCG AdWork!) Jakarta – Indonesia

  26. Steffan,
    Looking through the bios on Spiritual Books Blogs I came upon your comments on Spirituality. (I’m number 37 on that blog.) I liked what you said. I’m part of that “three score and ten” group who have gone the distance. Would like to hear from you and what you are about in your inner journey. To give you some sense of where I’m at take a look at I found myself being chatted up by a young woman and out of this encounter came this sense of where I’m at in my journey.
    Austin Repath
    Toronto Canada

  27. Steffan,
    Thank you again for coming to Savannah, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Gyphon Tea Room. I hope you enjoyed my leave behind, or at least it gave you something to look at in your travels back to Chicago. I just wanted to let you know I did indeed by your book and I am anxiously waiting to start reading it!
    Take care,
    Heather Weiss, SCAD Student

  28. SRP said

    pleasure all mine.
    Please contact me via email r facebook after you read my book and we can talk about both our books!
    Deal? Good.

  29. scott crawford said

    Absolutely loved the Obie speech. Now I have to get the book. Keep the faith.

  30. danni said


    you are such an interesting fellow (twitter and on here), and even more on those youtube videos of you talking and such. have just one question for you, how do you pronounce your last name? bunch of us over at my agency are arguing. this is what we came up with:

    pose tay er
    paws tair
    paws tah air (spanish accented)
    poster (like imposter)
    post ar

    did any of us get it right?

    a fan,


  31. SRP said

    Poe-stair is my favorite version of me!
    Seriously, thanks for nice comments and your readership.

  32. Toaster said

    Hi Steffan,

    I thought you might be interested in this new blog, Pointless Planet–it’s a satirical look at bad commercials:

  33. Steffan,

    Maybe it’s just me, but your header design reminds me of the final scene in the Blair Witch Project. It scares the bejesus out of me.

    Regardless, I enjoy your content, so I just block your header with the rim of my ballcap.

    Keep it up my friend.

    The Official Real”ad”tor Awards

  34. Good points in your article, you have a fun blog site here. Thanks for the thoughts.

  35. Gabrielle Garofalo said

    Hey Steffan,

    Sue Rosen suggested I connect with you through your blog – great stuff! Love your acceptance speech from the 08 Obies. Please connect and I can forward my info…looking forward to it.

  36. Marketing said

    “We make you want what you don’t need.”
    A little bit synical is is not?

    • SRP said

      Well, I am a little bit cynical, which is spelled with a “c” by the way…

    • danni said

      and ‘it’ is spelled I-T 🙂

      i don’t think it’s really cynical. more a fact. america’s great advertising has a lot to do with americans being the biggest consumers in the world.

      so, wait. what were you actually trying to name yourself when you spelled your nickname “marketing”?

  37. tweedle Neuhauser said

    Your website is a total intellectual fraud. If you feel you cannot abide by a dissenting point of view, you are not merely a fraud, you are intellectually vapid.

    • SRP said

      Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle…

      I’m as against wasteful Government spending as you are and, unlike a lot og blogs, I thrive on “dissenting points of view.” Keep coming back,

  38. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this page, including some of the reader comments; what was even more amusing was your repartee, valid, in each of those cases… proof-reading is a must! Congratulations on all your achievements, Steffan! Thanks.
    Here’s something that may amuse you momentarily.
    P.S.: Please edit or delete this comment if you wish. 🙂

  39. Marie said

    “Curiously Strong Mints” that’s YOU??? Wow. I feel like I know a rockstar. The only other brilliant liner that comes close is “Dirty mouth? Clean it with Orbit Gum” was that you too? Wouldn’t surprise me. You are my new hero.

  40. pmandhyan said

    Wow that is amazing. I am currently pursuing advertising myself and am very interested in copywriting. Even I believe that coming up with one legendary idea does make the copywriter very lucky indeed!

  41. Yelena said

    I became passionate about advertising after reading the book “Culture Code” by Clotaire Rapaille… Your books will be the next in my reading list!

  42. Hero said

    Hope you wouldn’t mind me asking how about advertising a book? Is there a sureball way that could increase the sale of The 5-Star Business Networks by Vivek Sood without paying a lot for advertisement?

  43. Hi Steffan, I found your blog and I like it particularly since I am in the advertising/media industry. A creative like you might be a pretty valuable for the German scene.
    All the very best

  44. jmathews17 said

    No way, you are the voice of Altoids?! That is awesome. I did have a question for you. I’m looking for ways to promote a video my sister-in-law did. She is a mother of twin girls. It’s a parody of Frozen’s Let it Go. Any advice?
    Thanks, and here is her video.

  45. Enjoyed the “rivals” entry. I suspect your and my dad worked together over the years. Or at the very least they were the “rivals” you wrote about. I believe but am not 100% sure, my dad authored the “You deserve a break today, so get out and get away… McDonalds” tagline/campaign for NH&S. He did the Betty Crocker Big Red Spoon and the Best Candy on Earth, Comes from…….Mars. He was also with Leo Burnett and Ogilvy(sp?) His name was Donald Dickens. He passed away a few days ago on Christmas day.

    Be well.
    Bart Dickens

  46. Dear Steffan:

    Thanks for this website. Since advetising runs in you family, you probably know alot more about the business than I do. Yet, any sane person must notice that there are ALOT more men in current commercials than in the general population. So, as a profilet for Federal law enforcement ( ret., I hope!), let me through out a suggestion why. Specifically, the Stockholm Syndrone posits that victims and potential victims identify with their kidnappers, or other dominate and potentially dangerous males–in the old days, this was known as the “Bad Boy”stereotype or complex. So, one plausible theory is that advertisers are unconsvcioussly identifying with, and thus propogating, the current “bad boy”image which, as we all know are terrorists, ISIL members and other Middle Eastern stereotypes. In short, this may not be an entirely rational decision making process among advertisers or their clients; as stated before, the bearded men in US commercials are disproportinalely being represented, which is a fact based evidentiary statement, subject to either proof or refutation. So, to curtail this national neurosis among certain advertisers, say of Corona Light or Dish TV( just to name two more promenient examples)–Americans should simply BOYCOTT these products till the advertisers snap out of their syndrome, and start protraying ordinary American males, most of whom do NOT have beards. So, as an experienced AD man, what do you think? Of course, there are other plausible rival hypothesis, so if you have a plausible explanation for this furry phemon, please share it. I for one don’t think we as Americans should succumb to this latest manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome simply to sell beer or dish TV, or the myraid other products being hawked by the “bad boys” of Middle Eadtern terrorism.

    The Profiler

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