Study #1 by Jeremy Postaer

Enter now: The Rogue’s Gallery

Many years ago I wanted to create an anthology of poetry and prose for copywriters by copywriters. I was going to call it the “Copywriter’s Book.” I knew my peers were working on projects other than advertising. I also knew how hard it was getting work published. I figured a “copywriter’s anthology” would give us all a place to go.

As originally conceived, I needed a publisher in order to move forward: someone to produce the book in which our poems and stories would appear. Although there was an interested party it never happened. Understandably, few wanted to underwrite such a risky venture.

Much has changed in ten years. The Internet presents new opportunity for an anthology or gallery. The blog format is a perfect host.

What hasn’t changed is my belief that creative people would get a kick out of seeing stuff from their peers as well as contributing, be it prose, poetry, painting, photography or mixed media. I know I would.

Which is why I’m launching The Rogue’s Gallery. I have a template I like. Now all it needs is…you! The Rogue’s Gallery needs your paintings, poetry, fiction or a scene from your screenplay. If it means something to you it, it’ll mean something to us. Don’t be shy!

Who knows? Maybe a publisher will fall in love with your prose or your oils will smite a patron of the arts. Life is full of surprises. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen: a few peers see your work? I think that’s pretty cool.

The Rogue’s Gallery is not meant to be a beauty contest. Nor is it a commercial gallery. The Rogue’s Gallery is a place where creative advertising people can show their work and appreciate the work of their peers.

Like all art, The Rogue’s Gallery is a labor of love. But it’s nothing without you. Please submit. Visit The Rogue’s Gallery. Read its few rules and guideline. Then send in your work.

Welcome to The Rogue’s Gallery.

5 Responses to “The Rogue’s Gallery”

  1. alexandransrogers said

    I love this–what an inspired idea. As soon as I get my creative juices flowing again, I will submit!

  2. Robert Leung said

    How do we submit artwork to the Rogue’s Gallery?

  3. How dow we submit work to the Rogue’s Gallery?

  4. sqeekchair said

    Thank you for the gall to create an opportunity for the rest of us fishes out there swimming towards the bait! This gives me hope where there was none. I’m going to submit.

  5. The Rogue’s Gallery. I just found you on Twitter. Now to figure out how to submit. Great idea. #advertising #copywriter

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