Hard liquor has found it’s way into the mainstream of commercial advertising. Granted, it’s been hauled up through the back door, via You Tube and social media, where they don’t check ID’s. But bourbon, whiskey and tequila have found their way onto film. Like these films or not (and I mostly don’t), they are becoming ubiquitous.

Fancier brands like Kettle One are already on TV. “Gentlemen, this is Vodka.” We also have this semi-famous dude making fun of commercials in a commercial for 1800 tequila.

Johnny Walker made a lovely opus out of their Keep Walking campaign, by far the best of the lot. And there are others with still more coming.

for better or worse, the prohibition is over.

Not so very long ago, this would have been unthinkable. Broadcast was the providence of light beer and mediocre wine and it was heavily regulated. Among other things, you could never, ever show a man actually drinking. You still can’t, which I find strangely ridiculous. Even the barrage of new films pimping rot-gut honor this antiquated code. A sexy babe pours Hornitos all over the place to seduce her neighbor but none of it in his or her mouth. It’s left to the imagination, like soft core pornography: everything but the “proof shot!” And yes, the pun is intended.

Though I haven’t had a sip of anything harder than Red Bull in nearly ten years, I’m no prude. I think it aces that hard spirits are making commercials. More work for us! I just wish the commercials weren’t so deushy. I would love to see a tequila commercial evoking its rich history and magical powers. Its voodoo if you will. Horny, tough guys get old. Fast.