Good Lord, that baby will destroy us all!

So, I’m watching football this weekend when on comes this giant ass baby. I was like What The F—k? There’s a humongous baby in this dude’s garage. Then it’s bawling its eyes out in front of a gushing fire hydrant. A car crashes. And then it’s over.

Is this a trailer for a new movie? “Honey, I enlarged the kids!” It wasn’t a beer commercial. Taken aback, I open up my laptop and search “giant baby TV” or something similar. On YouTube I find the gargantuan infant. He (at least I think it’s a he) is the star of a new commercial for Nationwide Insurance!

I watch it again. And still I’m bewildered. The giant baby is so distracting I miss the point of the commercial. Upon further review, I get the gist of it. The voice over (none other than Julia Roberts) tells us “that’s what’s precious to you is precious to us.”

But I’m still wrong. She’s not talking about protecting your family, of which I assumed the giant baby was a metaphor. They’re talking about car insurance. The baby is a metaphor for this guy’s car. Talk about discombobulating. It took me multiple viewings to sort it all out.

Watch the commercial. Am I crazy or is it just confusing as all hell? I will give it this: the spot got my attention. It also got me to search it out and watch it numerous times on YouTube. So, in a sense, I guess the commercial is a success.

Yet, what stands out to me is the giant baby. It’s just a great, big, weird image and something I can’t associate with car insurance. Maybe if the concept were executed differently? If the VO said “Your car is your baby.” I don’t know. I still would probably have pissed in my Huggies when I saw it/him/her.