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“Museum” from a series by Kevin Eichorst

After many late nights fussing over typefaces and formatting issues, last week your indefatigable curator launched The Rogue’s Gallery –an online anthology and gallery made specifically for copywriters and art directors. It’s mantra: “What we make when we’re not making ads.”

The Rogue’s Gallery was not meant to be a commercial gallery. Nor is it a beauty contest. The Rogue’s Gallery is a place where creative advertising people can show their work and appreciate the work of their peers.

Within 48 hours the gallery received your photography, painting, poetry, fiction and essays. And not just from Chicago but all over the world, including a short story from India. In that same period The Rogue’s Gallery was visited over 2,000 times. And counting…

A great start, yes. But this new, new thing is fragile. It needs sustenance every day. Your art. Your photography. Your poetry and prose. Without you The Rogue’s Gallery is nothing.

This is a good thing, people.

Please visit The Rogue\'s Gallery and see what your peers do when they are not beholden to a client. Just as importantly, send in your work. Include a few lines about it and you. Remember to keep the formats simple: word documents and jpegs.

Send “art” and “copy” to

Be sure and take note of the recent photography submissions. Some excellent work there. Thank you!

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No logos, no limits…The Rogue’s Gallery

Many years ago I wanted to create an anthology of poetry and prose for copywriters by copywriters. I was going to call it the “Copywriter’s Book.” I knew my peers were working on projects other than advertising. I also knew how hard it was getting work published. I figured a “copywriter’s anthology” would give us all a place to go.

As originally conceived, I needed a publisher in order to move forward, someone to produce the book in which our poems and stories would appear. Although there was an interested party it never happened. Understandably, few wanted to underwrite such a risky venture.

Much has changed in ten years. The Internet presents new opportunity for an anthology or gallery. The blog format is seemingly a perfect host.

What hasn’t changed is my belief that creative people would get a kick out of seeing stuff from their peers as well as contributing, be it prose, poetry, painting, photography or mixed media. I know I would.

Which is why I’m launching The Rogue\'s Gallery.. I have a template I like. Now all it needs is…you! The Rogue’s Gallery needs your paintings, poetry, fiction or a scene from your screenplay. If it means something to you it, it’ll mean something to us. Don’t be shy!

Who knows? Maybe a publisher will fall in love with your prose or your oils will smite a patron of the arts. Life is full of surprises. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen: a few peers see your work? I think that’s pretty cool.

The Rogue’s Gallery is not meant to be a beauty contest. Nor is it a commercial gallery. The Rogue’s Gallery is a place where creative advertising people can show their work and appreciate the work of their peers.

Like art, The Rogue’s Gallery is a labor of love. But it’s nothing without you. Visit The Rogue’s Gallery. Read its few rules and guideline. See what your colleague’s have contributed. Then send in your work.

This week’s gallery features an essay and early artwork by none other than the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of David & Goliath: the inimitable David Angelo. A major talent and a character to boot, David is truly a mad man and a rogue. Enjoy.

The Rogue\'s Gallery

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Gentle Readers-

Normally I like to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not only is it good discipline for me but it spreads the week out nicely. In any event, agency obligations (aka my real job) were overwhelming this week and I’m unable to provide a piece for your Friday consumption; that is, if you don’t include this one!

However, I’ve got a few doozies planned for next week. Leading off with another infamous mea culpa. My digital screw-ups always prove popular. Ah, schadenfreude! In any event, Gods of Advertising is nothing if not a learning experience. Monday’s tale will be no exception.

Then I’ve got a real surprise. I’m launching an online art gallery and anthology for copywriters and art directors by copywriters and art directors. Its sole purpose will be to showcase what creative advertising people make when they’re not making ads. A dream of mine for years, I resuscitated the concept based on new opportunities for it online. I’ve been working on the prototype for several weeks now, writing and tweaking the content, playing with formats and acquiring submissions.

Much more will be revealed next week but if you want to participate –site unseen- please send me a poem, a short story, a photograph or a piece of art. The only requirement is that you be a creative advertising person and that you created the work. Please provide your name, current job and a few words about the piece. Send jpegs, PDFs or Word documents to me, at Don’t worry about formats and don’t be shy. PS: we could really use some poetry and photography.

Finally, in the wee hours last night this blog received it’s 100,000th visitor in 2009. Not big numbers if you’re an advertiser but pretty effen good if you’re me! Thank you so much for your readership and continued support. And I’ll see you next week.

Gods of Twitter!