A new role…

September 9, 2018

I have news.

I am excited to announce my new role as Executive Creative Director for R2integrated, a full service digital marketing agency. R2i has several offices, including Silicon Valley (home base) and their headquarters in Baltimore, where I will also be spending time.

As of this writing, I’ve had one official meeting, so I can’t really comment on the agency’s work or philosophy. The people I met during the interviewing process were certainly impressive. They are hell bent on elevating R2i and its clients to new heights. I am humbled to be joining their ranks in this effort. Needless to say, we are all hopeful and confident it will be a fruitful adventure.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’m a creative. You know how fragile and precious we are. Seriously, I have been kicking in my stall the last few weeks, waiting to begin. R2i has a diverse array of clients, both new and existing, representing all manners of business. They (I mean we) look forward to adding even more. Being able to create content for so many different businesses and their audiences is manna for the creative professional. I feel like a bee descending onto a field of wild flowers. Well, sort of anyway.

Finally, I am grateful for the time I spent as creative lead at Jumbo Shrimp. It’s easier to say thank you than goodbye. Robert, Greg & Shane you guys are the best. We will stay close, I’m sure of it.

Meantime if anyone out there has some good karma lying about send it my way. I’ll pay you back, I promise!


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