Creativity vs. athletics: A double standard regarding performance enhancing drugs?

February 6, 2018

As this year’s baseball Hall-of-Fame class continues to deny entry to Barry Bonds and others for using PED’s i.e. “cheating” here is a very different perspective:

Gods of Advertising

Nothing wrong with doping if you create art…

Lance Armstrong was just stripped of his seven Tour De France titles for allegedly juicing. Prior to this news, Vanity Fair Editor Greydon Carter opened his ‘Letter to the Reader’ with an interesting perspective on society’s relentless persecution of professional athletes for using performance-enhancing drugs. Among other things, he wonders why we obsess over athletes taking drugs to get better results and not the myriad writers, musicians, painters, etc. who have done (and still do) the same thing.

Intriguing argument.

We loved Bob Marley for smoking weed. We dug the Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour. We can’t imagine Pink Floyd without LSD. So many great pop song from the sixties and seventies were inspired, performed and written under the influence of mind-expanding drugs. Performance was undeniably enhanced. Lest anyone think this was but a “phase” listen to the songs your kids listen to…

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