The cold, clear light of January. Maybe that’s just what we all need.

December 29, 2016


Is it just me or did 2016 seem to fall down the stairs like a bag of groceries? Rolling cans, broken bottles and a lot of F bombs.  Even Christmas couldn’t save it. In my view, the holidays only added literal and emotional hangovers to an already jittery society. Like kicking a dead horse.

Maybe it was our interminable Presidential election: a bitter race between two people no one really liked, barely won by a nincompoop. The whole thing was a shit show, democracy at its nadir.

Red vs Blue. Cop vs Citizen. Black vs White. The election was but a symptom of a country in turmoil. The European Union fared no better. Britain was torn away from Europe like a scab. A wound that won’t heal soon, as refugees flood into struggling countries, running away from places that are even worse.

Our world has never felt more dangerous and divided than it did in 2016. Here and abroad, animosities festered and boiled over. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” felt less like a classic movie than a means to obliterate people.

Despite all, I am and always will be an optimist. I believe in renewal and recovery; I have seen it happen every day. It’s always darkest before the dawn and though winter has most definitely come the cold, clear dawn of January might be just what we all need.

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2 Responses to “The cold, clear light of January. Maybe that’s just what we all need.”

  1. Bill Flynn said

    Good post. Agree with your assessments but in different colors and without any interest in re-engaging in advertising. There are many other opportunities to recover and renew than in the kid’s funny farm.

    The year felt more like a sea of shit drowning me. Even with my head emerging, the stink revolted me. Christmas was better, but two visiting Labs dotted our backyard with their sizable drops. The brown Lab chased the white one across the covered pool. The big white one tried to retaliate, but its weight submerged him and the cover preventing a full-out attack. Inside the house, their water bowl had less water than the floor creating an ever-present danger.

    Negotiating staircases always challenges our cemented joints and Jennifer rolled down a flight with a push by big Ernie this past summer’s visit. Jen and I, fearful of blind attacks, stepped cautiously down one step at a time. Though somewhat frivolous, the risk of serious injury, at least statistically, is far greater in our house and among our family than with any of the grievous ones you enumerated.

    Yours operate on our fears terrorizing and paralyzing us. Jen and I spent four weeks in the Middle East in November. The biggest surprise was the Cubs winning the World Series, and the most shocking was Trump’s victory. So devastating to me that I wanted a drink on hearing the news that morning on our cruise ship.

    I’ve always admired your talent and optimism. At times like this, faith and attitude are our best medicine. Have a healthy 20-17(twenty- seventeen. I’m rebranding the year)!

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