Dems is denial? Once again, the same wrong strategy is why new anti-Trump TV commercials won’t work.

May 19, 2016

More of the same…

A bunch of new ads began running yesterday against Donald Trump for President. Like earlier ads they focus entirely on Trump’s infamously nasty comments directed toward women over the years. One in particular stands out because it puts these misogynistic sound bites into the mouths of regular women. I say “stands out” because in a normal universe it would be an atomic bomb for Trump’s candidacy.

But this is not a normal universe. And like all the other ads taking Donald “at his word” it will do nothing to change the course of this election. In the end, Donald may not win but it won’t be because of these ads.

Here’s why. The awful things Donald Trump says about women, minorities and ideas and people in general are what made him so popular in the first place. Why the Dem’s keep thinking he’s his own worst enemy is a fatal flaw in their strategy. He is the GOP’s presumptive nominee (like it or not) precisely because he talks smack. People, lots of people, find his candor, albeit buffoonish, to be highly refreshing and a change of pace from, well, anything they’ve seen or heard before from a politician.

it’s working.

Frankly, by dramatizing his words in ever more creative executions Trump’s rivals are only strengthening his position. Why they don’t see it this way defies logic and, moreover, will hurt the Democratic bid, maybe even mortally.

If I were proposing an ad campaign to thwart Donald Trump, I would do ads that point out his utter cluelessness in terms of policy. I would not attack the inherent racism of his “building a wall against Mexico” I would state he has absolutely no way to actually do it, let alone “get Mexico to pay for it.” The Mexican President has already said that his country has absolutely no intention to pay for anything of the kind. And he won’t. Period. End of story. Therefore, I would challenge Mr. Trump –in ads, in debates, everywhere- on just how in hell he intends to do it. He can’t and deep down we know he can’t. But until that truth is brought to light, and so many other truths, his fan base will continue to grow.

But the Democrats and their Super Pacs keeping wasting time on the smokescreen that is Donald Trump’s shocking statements. In a weird yet undeniable way, it makes the Dems seem out of touch with reality, which only helps the Trump machine get stronger. Trump has a foul mouth. We know that. Go after his brain. Do you want me to write the ads for you?


3 Responses to “Dems is denial? Once again, the same wrong strategy is why new anti-Trump TV commercials won’t work.”

  1. Gary Epstein said

    Good points Steffan! Just got back from global business trip and nobody can believe this guy is the nominee. Problem is, many isolationists in the US get all hot and bothered when global leaders talk about US leaders (even when they are as clueless as Donald Trump). Ultimately, somebody needs to focus on improving Hillary’s trust numbers. They also need to play the grandmother card and even the loyal wife card. A lot of people respect the fact that she stayed with Bill and worked through her marriage problems. There is something to be said for working to save your marriage versus 3X divorced Donald. Love to see here say…hey, at the end of the day, Bill has been the love of my life and I felt I needed to fight to keep my marriage alive and not give up our years together. Plays into the fighter and tenacity. And, it will warm her up

    • Steffan1 said

      Above all the argument ad-hominem is the glaring fact that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to do, nor can he do, any of the things he says he is going to do. No one is going there and they should.

  2. Vw said

    the out of touch with reality of all dem and rep politicians is what got Trump in this position. They were out of touch with reality for somlong they can’t even see it and adjust their campaign. They just in panic mode trying do same thing over and over hoping for different outcome. Trump is selcentered enough to not quietbup and let dems’ shooting themselves into their own feet.

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