If I can move you to believing in a Higher Power imagine what I could do for your creative department.

November 9, 2015


I am excited to find a new job. A permanent one as well as freelance. Here are my credentials. However, to prove my chops as as elegant persuader I’m going to sell you on the idea that God exists using purely rational arguments. No psychic mumbo-jumbo. No beatific platitudes. No doctrine. I won’t apply one single faith-based point in my brief argument. When I’m done you may still not believe in a higher power but you will be closer to Him, Her or It than you were before.


First a proposition: If anyone can definitively prove God does or does not exist I will give them all the money in my bank account. Non-believers and agnostics crave proof of God’s existence and, of course, it never comes. But why is it we rarely flip the question and demand proof that God doesn’t exist? It’s just as impossible.


Let’s go totally left brain and talk numbers. Percentages to be exact. Bearing in mind the above proposition, one must concede there is a 50% chance that God does not exist. However, that means there is a 50% chance that God does exist. In other words, after all is said and done, it’s 50/50 whether a divine entity or Creator exists. Now if you had those odds on the lottery –or anything really- you’d take that bet. You’d be a fool not to.

Yet, so many of us are ambivalent about God or even the idea of God. Why is that? Because we can’t see him? Well, you can’t see gravity either. “That’s different,” the unbeliever claims. You can prove gravity. There are equations.

Okay, smart ass. Do you “believe” in love? For your children? For your wife? Of course you do. Prove to me that love definitively exists. Of course you can’t. You feel love or not depending on your circumstances but you’ll never see it. Therefore, if you can believe in love why not God? They are both faith-based concepts with no rational foundation. Why is one different from the other? It isn’t.

Do you covet money, prestige or status? Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Have you ever been? What about chocolate or coffee? Or your boyfriend? We often make higher powers out of people, places and things. The alcoholic knows this all to well. When she wakes it’s all she can think of. The addict’s drug of choice brings him to his knees every night. They will put spirits ahead of everything else, including jobs, loved ones and personal health. Even the sanctity of human life will not deter the devoted from blindly worshiping. That’s fanatical. That is what ISIS does.

Yet, God forbid we believe in God. No one is more cynical than me. But I believe –even know- that God is a 50/50 proposition. Have I moved you even five percent closer to believing in a higher power?

So, how about that freelance?

9 Responses to “If I can move you to believing in a Higher Power imagine what I could do for your creative department.”

  1. MrWisdumb said

    Inside your closet there may or may not be 500 bars of gold. You can’t know for sure until you open it. According to your logic, there is a 50/50 chance either way. Despite those even odds, I’ll happily wager you 4 to 1 that there isn’t. Will you take this bet?

    • Steffan1 said

      Ah, Mr.Wisdumb. A solid refutation. However, no one has ever indicated there is gold in my closet. Whereas, countless millions of people over the ages maintain there is a Higher Power.

  2. treatwilliams said

    That line of reasoning commits you to holding that there is a 50/50 chance of the existence of absolutely anything which you can neither prove nor disprove, for example, that there is a teapot orbiting jupiter. That wouldn’t be acceptable to you so the logic must be faulty. Also, putting forward a separate argument, as you did in response to the other commenter, isn’t a defense of the logic of the original argument. And the other argument, if you want to go with that one, is very shaky, given that a few billion people say there’s one God and another few billion a different one. Ha!

    • Steffan1 said

      treat- I respectfully disagree – a few million people over a few thousand years have strongly believed in a higher power of some kind. I did not specify which one. It doesn’t matter. that many opinions over that many years is more than just hearsay.

      • treatwilliams said

        You need to go with one conception or another by necessity. Its not possible to conceive of it otherwise. And whatever cinception it is youre going with- it will have been denied by billions of people. So as a statistical thing it doesnt work in your favour!

  3. Sean said

    This is a very weak argument that a good debater would rip to shreds. Your logic assumes there is a 50/50 chance
    of any value proposition. And the freelance line at the end, it cheapens the integrity of the whole premise. I actually feel sorry for you but as pity is not appropriate I’ll just cancel your blog. Good luck

    • Steffan1 said

      Sean- This is not a religious blog; it’s a marketing/popular culture forum. As a copywriter, I don’t use college debating tactics to make a case. Rather we use emotional logic, which reaches far deeper into human behavior than pure logic. So, while a professional debater (whatever that is) could “shred my argument to pieces” I stand by my piece. Sorry you are prompted to cancel my blog but I am glad to have hit a nerve.

  4. […] my last post I made an argument for the idea that God exists using emotionally rational arguments aka copywriting. No psychic […]

  5. Jeff Shattuck said

    Moderated? Oh well… Perhaps it is God’s will.

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