Enough with advertising… I’m going fishing!

June 27, 2014

Here fishy, fishy…

I’m doing something this weekend I haven’t done for a long time but used to do all the time. I’m going fishing! Bass fishing to be precise, on Clear Lake, CA which supposedly has the best bass fishing west of the Mississippi. I hired a guide and booked a cottage right on the lake. I’m pretty stoked.

When I was a boy I fished every chance I could, and was pretty damn good at it. For various reasons, as time went by I fished less and less, to the point where I pretty much hardly do it anymore.

Yet, my interest in the sport (okay, hobby) never waned. Late at night I still “trolled” the Internet looking for kickass footage of real people catching really big fish. My girls and I are “hooked” on Animal Planet’s River Monsters. I own a giant salt-water aquarium.

I love fishing. There is something magical pulling a creature up from the depths. You never know what you’ll catch! Well, mostly you do but in theory it could be anything: a lake record, a world record, Godzilla.

But it’s more than just that. It’s searching for the fish. Tempting it. Setting the hook. Fighting it. Holding it up by the lips. Taking the obligatory photo. Letting it go. Honestly, every aspect of fishing appeals to me. Nowadays, most freshwater fishing is predominantly catch and release. But I know how to clean and cook my catch and was pretty good at that too.

For obvious reasons, most Californian’s associate fishing with the Pacific Ocean. Yet, I much prefer freshwater angling. For one thing, when you fish on a lake or river you are responsible for your luck. Generally speaking, the opposite is true on saltwater. There, your boat’s captain does all the work, rigging and setting out the lines, even setting the hook. I’ve been on saltwater boats, where the guy just hands you a rod and tells you to reel in your fish. It’s fun but it’s not the same.

While I have a guide on Clear Lake, it will be up to me whether I can pull anything into the boat. In a way fishing is a bit like pitching new business. You give it your best shot and hope for the best. On the other hand, fishing is nothing like work –which is why the hell I’m going! Wish me luck. I’ll see you next week.


Update: Day 1. How could I not add this pic?


6 Responses to “Enough with advertising… I’m going fishing!”

  1. Paolo Tescione said

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  2. d_angler said

    Have a blast. You deserve it! By the way, as someone who spent all of his summers on a lake in the Adirondacks, I also caught the fishing bug in a BIG way. The most magical part to me is that moment of feeling life on the other end of the line. Nothing else quite like that. 🙂

  3. The last time I went fishing about 7 years ago, it was at Clear Lake with my husband on his dad’s bass boat. We hauled in far more fish that one day than I have ever before. Which also made for the best fish fry I’ve ever experienced in my life. When I think of fishing, it’s that day, that lake. May your Clear Lake fishing fortune be as lucrative and enjoyable as ours was.

  4. toraif said

    Its good to go fishing everynow, it teach you top level patience. I usually go fishing with Dad, he has a 24 feet boat and we do fishing the traditional style.

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