Snickers official sponsor of the Super Bowl because what is football without… chocolate?

January 24, 2014

Strange bedfellows…

I pretty much like everything about Snickers. The peanuts. The nougat. Obviously the chocolate. It’s the classic American candy bar, a raunchier version of Hershey’s. Sort of like the Rolling Stones were to the Beatles.

I also like Snickers’ advertising; especially “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” This high profile ad campaign has been a crowd pleaser and awards-show hero for many years, manifesting in killer outdoor campaigns as well as hilarious TV commercials. Though not as spectacular online, Snickers has the prerequisite Facebook and Twitter pages with plenty of followers and friends. All in all, Snickers knows who it is and what it’s doing.


Something I don’t particularly like or understand about Snickers is their desire to be an “official sponsor of the Super Bowl.” Sure, I get they want to advertise on the Super Bowl –at least to the same degree I get any brand does.

But to be its “official chocolate.” Why?

“Um, you got any pretzels?”

When I think of the Super Bowl or football in general my mind never, ever goes to chocolate. When I watch the Super Bowl or football in general (frankly, any sporting event) I never want to eat chocolate. Why would I? Beer? Check. Chips? Check. Wings? Check. But a chocolate candy bar? It doesn’t jibe. At all. Sort of like ordering steak at Red Lobster. Or ice cream in the winter. It may happen but it’s not the franchise.

So Snickers- Make your funny commercials and put one or two on the Super Bowl. Spend that money. Get that love. But don’t gild the lily and be an official sponsor. That colossal waste of cash is for makers of beer and athletic wear.


4 Responses to “Snickers official sponsor of the Super Bowl because what is football without… chocolate?”

  1. Hit the nail on the head. Superbowl is for beer and hot wings. Eating chocolate during the Superbowl is like eating a hamburger at the movies. It just ain’t right.

  2. michellewiles said

    I don’t think of Snickers when it comes to the Superbowl either. But maybe that’s part of the strategy? Superbowl party hosts are going to grab beer and snacks for their parties…Snickers is reminding them to grab something sweet too, and make sure its a Snickers. I don’t think Snickers is a replacement for your pretzels, but it’s an add on. I’d eat a snickers (after my wings of course) during the Superbowl. Regarding dollar efficacy, I wonder what the added cash outlay is of being an official ‘sponsor’ when you’re already spending the dough on the tv spot

  3. One : it’s Mars sponsoring, merely using one of their many products – another of which is Whiskas cat food. 2 : it’s a chocolate bar. Glad to have helped ^^

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