So, teens don’t like Facebook anymore. Here’s why FB might not give a damn.

January 8, 2014

“I hate my parents almost as much as Facebook.”

I keep hearing about Facebook’s plummeting popularity among teenagers. That it has become uncool for them, partly because so many of us parents are using it. Gross! Or that it has become so commercial that it’s lost all of its cred. Ew!

I don’t dispute that Facebook is losing its young audience. Maybe even drastically. (It certainly is with the children in my house.) However, I absolutely do dispute the direness. I’ll even argue it’s a blessing for Facebook.

Unless they’re ripping off bling from Paris Hilton, the vast majority of teenagers don’t have any money, prestige or clout. Their reputational currency is and always will be so freaking overrated.

If I’m Facebook I’m happy my platform is being taken over by Boomers and Millennials, to say nothing of brands and advertisers. Let the teenagers go hang out in front of 7-11 or where ever the online equivalent of that is. It’s called loitering. No transactions are being made, accept for maybe a few blunts and/or the occasional Diet Dew.

“Did you “like” Thelma’s post? She learned how to Twerk!”

So, why do all these stories paint Facebook an uncool loser? Is it because we are so youth-obsessed we literally cannot think straight? I’m afraid that’s part of it. Ironic, given how little respect most people have for teen-agers in general. (Christ, when I was 17 all I could get was arrested.) Why is it we think everything about teens is dubious (their opinions, music, fashion, decisions, choice of friends, etc) except for the one thing that really is dubious: their demographic importance?

Maybe this explains why Facebook hasn’t bothered defending their position among teens. (Nothing like their ire over accusations of not having a viable business model) They are a public company now. They know what herds the cash cows roam in. And it ain’t the adolescent ones.


7 Responses to “So, teens don’t like Facebook anymore. Here’s why FB might not give a damn.”

  1. “Let the teenagers go hang out in front of 7-11 or where ever the online equivalent of that is. It’s called loitering.”
    Haha! I love this. And you’re totally right…. facebook is probably happy to resound with the cash holders

  2. Steffan1 said

    Thank you, Sky Runner for your comment and readership. Now let’s go get a Slurpee!

  3. booookish said

    I think it is a slight problem especially once the younguns start accumulating wealth, despite them being 10 years+ away from entering the job market. However it is probably fine for the time being especially since they’ve captured the Millennials, its just a shame that almost everyone freaked out. Personally I think FB is an overly hyped tool these days anyways. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. AMOS AMZA said

    I think the idea here, more precisely for teenagers is to have somewhere where their parents can’t catch them and see what they are doing, but when it comes to parents joining the digital world especially then it’s another sad story. Additionally, Facebook is here to generate revenue whilst allowing people to connect and interact with their friends. Therefore, it becomes a problem when teens start to meet their parents on Facebook because their privacy, freedom, and anonymity then becomes limited.

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