The real outrage over Phil Robertson’s homophobic rant is the hypocricy of being outraged by it.

December 20, 2013

“Er, I thought you liked my ignorance.”

I’m not surprised, offended or even “disappointed” that Phil Robertson from A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty went on a homophobic rant at some dumbass bible study. What I am surprised about is the network’s surprise about it. After all, that’s what ignorant white trash does: they go on homophobic rants. And racist ones. And sexist ones. And so on.

Actually, I’m not surprised at all. And neither is the network. A&E and every other reality TV producer knowingly open Pandora’s Box as soon as they put cameras on these misfits.

Isn’t that the whole point to reality TV? We want to see buffoons make fools of them selves. We tune in hoping tonight’s the night a ticking time bombs goes off. Why is it okay if Honey Boo Boo gorges herself on poisonous junk food but God forbid any vitriol comes out of her mouth? Or how about those ass clowns on Jersey Shore? You don’t think amidst all the f-bombs they don’t drop the N-word or myriad gay slurs? Of course they do. You know it. I know it. And the two-faced networks know it. Yet we impose an invisible code of conduct upon them when it comes to more sensitive areas like race or sexuality, even if they don’t.

If this were truly reality TV, A&E wouldn’t suspend the dude at all. Duck Dynasty is their number one show, raking in boffo ratings and money precisely because these Duckheads are backwoods idiots. Idiots, I might add, that we made famous.

Therefore, we should see what we’ve created, enabled and rallied around. Society should know the real reality. Call it a teachable albeit uncomfortable moment. If nothing else spare us the mock outrage.

Axl Rose: one in a million.

Some time ago at the height of Guns & Roses’ powers, their moody psychopath of a singer, Axl Rose put out a song called One in a Million. It contained racist and homophobic lyrics. Outrage ensued. We demanded an explanation. We expected atonement. We wanted Axl to change his tune.

Are you kidding me? He was and is a ticking time bomb. You can’t ask a bomb to forgive itself for detonating. When we demand a bomb to apologize for exploding we are the ones who need changing. Axl Rose and Phil Robertson are supposed to be vulgar. We reward them with riches for being so. But then we want to punish them for crossing a line. Now who’s being stupid?


3 Responses to “The real outrage over Phil Robertson’s homophobic rant is the hypocricy of being outraged by it.”

  1. Agreed. As a gay man I’m not offended by the redneck’s blatant display of ignorance because I expect no less from him (and I’ve never even watched the stupid show). I am, however, more offended that A&E thinks we’re all so stupid as to blame the rednecks for being rednecks when they say something rednecks say, while A&E fiegns outrage from a position of hightened faux morality.

    Common A&E, you must think your viewers are as devolved as the morons your network presents as its premier line of entertainment. Switching you off.

  2. David Bethell said

    You may stupidly reward them for their vulgarity but for those of us who don’t and for those of us fighting hard to make this an equal world we have every right to be offended and want punishment. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

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