Like a fishing trip: The secret virtues of business travel.

December 11, 2013

“Now that we’re alone together…”

One thing that seldom gets talked about in a good way when we talk about business trips is the bonding that takes place among our traveling companions. We piss and moan about all the hassle but upon doing it often we are quite jovial. At least I am.

I like the personal time spent with my professional cohorts. It’s kind of like a fishing trip. A group of peers going out into the world, usually with one goal in mind- be it winning new business, presenting new campaigns or meeting a new client. The key word is “new.” New makes things special. It breathes new life into old colleagues.

Bullshitting in the taxi. Commiserating in the security line. Going over the presentation in the hotel bar. We don’t give these moments their full credit. This stuff matters.

Perhaps we’ve wanted a quiet word with our partner about something vexing us back at the office. Maybe we just want to find out a thing or two about the other’s personal life. These kinds of things don’t come up in the same way at work. The lights are brighter there. Myriad matters distract us. We don’t have time for it.

“20 minutes until boarding. Let’s bond!”

But on the road we let our guard down. We open up. Part of this is because we are anxious about the big meeting or some such. Part of it is human nature. Either way, I’ve always appreciated it even if subconsciously.

Even a long drive with some of your teammates can be rejuvenating to all involved. It says we are all in this together. Whatever happens, I’ve got your back. I won’t let you down. We are in a boat. By necessity we rely on trusting one another. Ask Dr. Phil. Building trust is key to building any relationship. Think about that next time your number gets called. And have a nice trip.


4 Responses to “Like a fishing trip: The secret virtues of business travel.”

  1. This is so true. I travel every 6 weeks for work, often times internationally, and I have formed richer relationships with these coworkers over the span of 2 weeks than people I’ve sat in an office with for a year. This goes for friendships as well.. Some of my greatest memories and best friends have formed from road trips or a long weekend in California

  2. Well said, Business trips, travelling is best opportunity which one can get, you get a great exposure, meet people as well to visit the world. The bonds one forms with colleagues are much more cherished and stronger than at office.

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