Merry Vulgarity! Lexus continues its holiday tradition of pretentiousness.

November 26, 2013

No one would ever call me a liberal but nothing makes me veer to the left like those pretentious “December to Remember” commercial from Lexus. Take a look at this latest campaign from the luxury carmaker. It’s surreal in its opulence. Who are these beautiful, severe models that live in a pink castle and have three white 2014 Lexuses (Lexi?) in their moat-like cobblestone driveway? I don’t know anyone who lives like that. And other than a handful of hip hop stars and 21 year-old professional athletes I don’t know anybody who’d even want to. Not really.

If you have this kind of money you don’t advertise it. The super rich have ginormous castles and a shit-ton of cars but other than occasional stories in Vanity Fair we don’t see or hear from them. Putting wealth like this on display is vulgar –to the plain rich, the shrinking middle class and especially the poor. Oh, I get it. This is supposed to be an over-the-top representation of luxury. An aspirational fantasy. Clearly, Lexus is getting mileage from these campaigns or else they wouldn’t produce such fattening holiday bonbons, year after year. But I have to wonder: Are there that many nouveau riche?

Who are these people?

Even if. I don’t care. It’s grotesque. I want to punch these people and key their shiny, appropriately white cars. Don’t you?

I’m made sad thinking about the advertiser and its agency and what those meetings must look like. Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota, a famous Japanese company known for making high-quality, reliable automobiles. Love of expensive whiskey and illegal ivory aside, since when do the Japanese encourage showing off? Do these clients condone and encourage pomposity from their flagship brand? “Make more premium!” I hear the Japanese CEO yell. “Americans love showing off. Show them showing off!”

Do the well off among us even relate to this myth? Do they and/or we aspire to it? If I’m sitting at home watching The Good Wife with my good wife am I going to respond favorably to these commercials? I don’t think so. I am going to go on a rant about vulgarity and wealth and not being caught dead in a Lexus dealership.


12 Responses to “Merry Vulgarity! Lexus continues its holiday tradition of pretentiousness.”

  1. Ironically, mine did get keyed, in a Walmart lot. : O

  2. Mikey day said

    I am a 22 year old african american non professional athlete actually bought one of these to show that i am indeed getting enough money to lease a stylish & upscale entry luxury vehicle. What else do you expect? This commercial is aimed at a younger demographic than you imagine. I could buy a used Lexus LS or GS ( is that less money flaunting? ) or Lease something brand new with the same name attached for the same money its an easy pick.

  3. Joseph Story said

    I think they filmed these ads at Maria Von Trapp’s house from The Sound of Music. Also, how often would you expect to see a seamstresses working her sewing machine while wearing five-inch stilettos and a sheer backless cocktail dress?

  4. krodgers28 said

    Couldn’t agree more. Every time I see one of these dumb commercials, it makes me loathe Lexus, not pine for one of their overpriced cars.

    Plus I can barely assemble a bow to save my life on small gifts. Watching these idiots craft the perfect sedan-size one just stresses me out.

  5. Paula Duvall said

    Sneering, catty and hateful remarks regarding this commercial are par-for-the-course from a nation that believes that doo-rags and filthy jeans are ALWAYS appropriate…and which can TWICE “elect” a patent fraud to its most prestigious office! There is a nastiness toward Beauty, wherever it might be found in America…and instead the ardent embrace of a keen interest in being politically-correct, chronically-depressed and utterly self-destructive. Ugliness and Envy of the Accomplished is the Obama Legacy…mean spiritedness which has even criticisms of a seasonal television ad! We’re on the verge of TOTAL COLLAPSE, and Americans sit and do what they do best: DISPARAGE and RIDICULE all that outshines them.

    • Joey said

      Nah, I think people are just sick of these commercials. Lexus December to Remember….right, except that it’s January and I’m still seeing them. You went on a pretty crazy tangent here. Try to stay on topic.

  6. Tucker said

    Paula, I have never, and I mean never replied to one of these comment sections on the web for a variety of reasons. But I just had to here. You hit the proverbial nail on the head in your very concise but very powerful point. I am second generation European and was rasied to envy noone, make your own success, and to seek and create beauty and style whereever you go. My parents wore hats and gloves to go shopping, attend church, visit family. (that was in the 50s and 60’s) My experience is exactly what you said. Your last line sums it up best.

  7. Bruce said

    All that wealth and they have a foot operated sewing machine

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