Giant baby overtakes screen in new commercial for Nationwide Insurance.

November 11, 2013

Good Lord, that baby will destroy us all!

So, I’m watching football this weekend when on comes this giant ass baby. I was like What The F—k? There’s a humongous baby in this dude’s garage. Then it’s bawling its eyes out in front of a gushing fire hydrant. A car crashes. And then it’s over.

Is this a trailer for a new movie? “Honey, I enlarged the kids!” It wasn’t a beer commercial. Taken aback, I open up my laptop and search “giant baby TV” or something similar. On YouTube I find the gargantuan infant. He (at least I think it’s a he) is the star of a new commercial for Nationwide Insurance!

I watch it again. And still I’m bewildered. The giant baby is so distracting I miss the point of the commercial. Upon further review, I get the gist of it. The voice over (none other than Julia Roberts) tells us “that’s what’s precious to you is precious to us.”

But I’m still wrong. She’s not talking about protecting your family, of which I assumed the giant baby was a metaphor. They’re talking about car insurance. The baby is a metaphor for this guy’s car. Talk about discombobulating. It took me multiple viewings to sort it all out.

Watch the commercial. Am I crazy or is it just confusing as all hell? I will give it this: the spot got my attention. It also got me to search it out and watch it numerous times on YouTube. So, in a sense, I guess the commercial is a success.

Yet, what stands out to me is the giant baby. It’s just a great, big, weird image and something I can’t associate with car insurance. Maybe if the concept were executed differently? If the VO said “Your car is your baby.” I don’t know. I still would probably have pissed in my Huggies when I saw it/him/her.


18 Responses to “Giant baby overtakes screen in new commercial for Nationwide Insurance.”

  1. I saw the commercial once… I got it, after a bit… I even recognized who it was for. But it’s completely gratuitous. There’s no reason to believe the lame claim, just a visually half-clever assertion that they love “your baby” as much as you do. And without a unique Nationwide reason to believe, it’s completely undifferentiating. Now, if they make a series and the guy has to start taking care of that baby, changing its diapers and all, well, that could be different. Irrelevant to me, but different…

    • Terese said

      I love the “baby”commercial! It’s so cute and clever. Anyone who doesn’t get it is borderline stupid. Really? Never heard someone refer to their car as their “baby”. It’s refreshing to see a commercial that’s appealing and clean. My young children “get” it and love it too. Great job to the ad agency!

  2. u3068945 said

    Reblogged this on JOURNALISM and commented:
    Advertising commercial adopts a rather clever and creative approach. #Example 1.

  3. Chris M. said

    You could attach any brand to this piece, but the fact that Nationwide was clever enough to beat anyone to the thought gives them an edge. And I believe that this spot is pure entertainment.

  4. MG said

    I love this commercial. I want to see more of that baby!

  5. Gallagher said

    I love this commercial!! I don’t understand how one doesn’t “get it” first time they see it.. it’s not that difficult. I got it on first viewing and thought it was brilliant!!

  6. Glenn said

    Thanks for the explanation of the commercial. Saw it a few times and didn’t get it until I read your article.

  7. Karen said

    It is clever and speaks to a female demographic. He obviously babies his car like it was an “infant.” The baby is sitting on a lift rack when he comes to “pick the baby up.” How can one not “get” this?

  8. Vicki Clark said

    I got it the first time. I tease my fiancee about his blue Ford F-350. I have nicknamed it The Baby about 5 years ago. He acts like the guy in the commercial and fawns all over that truck. So I got the commercial.

  9. Dmc said

    If it took you that many watches to understand the meaning of this commercial, you my friend are truly ignorant! Also, get a life! Who blogs about a commercial? It wasn’t that serious. Huge or not, that baby was adorable!

  10. jen said

    What’s so hard to figure out? I got it the first time around. I love this commercial and that baby is way too adorable.

  11. lisa said

    Totally got it the 1st time around and LOVE it. The expressions of the baby and the guy are perfect! This was directed, acted and choreographed extremely perfectly. Kudos the ad team responsible.

  12. Jojo1 said

    It’s stupid.

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