Read any good insurance forms lately? The mind boggling “narrative” of my tooth!

August 27, 2013

Where our story begins…

This post isn’t about advertising or copywriting but it is about writing… sort of. What it is mostly about is the ridiculous letter I just received from my insurance company regarding a crown that was put into my tooth. While I don’t like to use this platform to gripe about personal issues I have done so from time to time, especially when they concern communications. Like this one.

photo copy 3
It was a dark and stormy tooth…

Read the last line in the document posted above: It says: “Please submit a detailed narrative as well as clinical notes for each crown/inlay submitted on the statement.” Below that are a bunch of blank lines, presumably for my dentist to write his essay about my tooth.

I love the word “narrative.” As if there’s a protagonist (my tooth) and an antagonist (the cavity). Broadly speaking, I suppose there are heroes and villains in my mouth but I would never call filling a cavity a narrative. Let alone ask a dentist to create one.

How about this: In order to prevent my patient’s tooth from decaying, falling out and even causing death I elected to fill it. Filling cavities is a time-tested method of preventing the onset of decay, tooth loss and premature death.

Pretty good response, huh? And to think I’m not even a dentist. Yet even I know the goddamn narrative. Who doesn’t?


3 Responses to “Read any good insurance forms lately? The mind boggling “narrative” of my tooth!”

  1. I’ve hated people saying its going to get worse…but here’s your prime example. its gonna get worse. stupid ass insurances. just another for them way to put off paying your dentist when you are paying premiums.

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