Hard day at the office cannot hinder the splendors of big picture.

May 14, 2013

Beats taking the subway…

I won’t lie. Today was not a banner day at the office. I’ve been struggling with a couple super tough briefs. (I guess that’s why they call it work.) I’ve no doubt we’ll crack it. I have never missed turning in a homework assignment and I’m not about to now. But until I do: pain.

My workload has necessarily interfered with my ability to create a fresh post for this blog. That is rare for me. I beg your pardon.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially frustrated I make a gratitude list. I know it sounds corny but it really works. In times of stress I can forget how good I’ve got it: a healthy family that loves me, a good job in a fantastic city, a clear head and fit body and on and on. So many blessings! I feel better already. You should try it.

On that note, last week I rode my bicycle to work. I live in Mill Valley, which is about 15 miles from my office in San Francisco. The trip isn’t easy but it’s well worth the effort. The hilly ride comprises some of the most breathtaking (literally) scenery in the world. Coming home that evening I stopped along the iconic Golden Gate bridge and took these photographs.

And so how can I not feel like the luckiest man in the world?

The unbelievable view (No Instagram necessary!)

No place like (this) home!


4 Responses to “Hard day at the office cannot hinder the splendors of big picture.”

  1. Great to hear such sentiments, especially after the whole family had to uproot and relocate across the country. I moved here almost 4 years ago, and I’m still completely infatuated with San Francisco and it’s splendors, both natural and man made.

  2. Splendid photos! 🙂

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