Samsung debuts trailer at CES for “seamless integration of smart devices.” Haven’t we seen this movie before?

January 11, 2013

By definition film trailers are supposed to titillate and provoke a potential audience into becoming a legitimate one. Trailers are commercials and historically some of the best ever. Yet, red flags go off when we are confronted by a trailer for an ad-like object posing as a film. Such was the case when I happened upon this one, for “We all Share” a short film made by Samsung and Leo Burnett.

The trailer teases Samsung’s new “AllShare” technology debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to the Chicago Egoist AllShare will allow you to “wirelessly and seamlessly stream video, photo, and music files across all Samsung smart devices.”

Where have we heard that before? Isn’t seamless integration of electronic devices table stakes in the modern world? Microsoft. Apple. Google. We expect ‘all share’ from everything these days, even our Government. Be that as it may, Samsung is trumpeting theirs, with a “global conversation” that we are all invited to join, via Instagram and Twitter.

But first we have the trailer. It is pretty. It is global. And in my opinion it is dull. We see filmed portraits of citizens of the world. These humans look right at us, stoic as icons. If only they were. A person with a wrinkled face or yellow skin is not an icon. Then the trailer remembers it’s a film not a slide show and we get moving pictures of more citizens, in this case a number of young people kissing in a number of places. A title card informs us “We All Share” and then it kind of ends, with a group of old Chinese people playing a board game, Scrabble I think. A final super informs us of the “World Premiere” at CES inviting us to follow the film at a microsite..

Good thing there’s nothing better to do in Las Vegas.

Perhaps I’m too harsh or, worse, hypocritical. Lord knows I’ve had my hand in making many such pieces, usually of the not-for-air variety: manifesto or mood videos, sometimes called “rips.” Still, I made ‘em and thought they were manna. What’s irritating is when a mantra becomes the final product. My frustration compounds when such a film poses as a trailer.


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