On resolutions and self-improvement. For me, it’s a full time job.

January 3, 2013

From the darkness, new growth.

Important resolutions are not necessarily calendar bound. The things I’ve had to start or stop doing in order to be a better person have rarely required a calendar in which to be wholly obvious. Perfect example. Ten years ago I ended a notorious drinking career early in spring, four months after the frigid first day of January in Chicago. Unfortunately, the previous New Year’s came too soon for me. I wasn’t ready. And I’d have been a fool to wait for the next. Maybe even a dead fool.

A while back –not on New Year’s- I resolved to let go of anger, an emotion I cannot process like normal people. I don’t turn into the Hulk but whenever I get angry I lose much of my ability to reason. Even righteously angry, I simply can’t argue my points effectively. I get tantrum-y. Best to let it go.

January 1st, 2013 is fortuitous. This New Year finds me in a new city with a new job and a new home for my family. To be sure, those are good things. However, I need realignment right here right now. Stock has been taken and much was found lacking.

Were it as simple as losing a few pounds. Like most true self-improvement efforts, the matter is personal. Yet, I find it helpful (maybe even crucial) to put my intention in writing. Publishing it furthers accountability. I realize my vocation (the mythmaking of copywriting) hardly qualifies as precedent for truth telling. Still, when it comes to personal issues in my case uttered words have been utterly insufficient. Maybe one day. But until then written and published words are better.

Actions speak louder than words. Albeit small, writing is an action, a first step in the resolution process. God willing and with good intentions, come spring I will show new growth.

I only know one prayer by heart. For me it’s a fitting way to start the New Year: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference.


3 Responses to “On resolutions and self-improvement. For me, it’s a full time job.”

  1. Nikka said

    To become a better person, all I can say is that take the time to motivate your self first by inspiring one self in order to stop/get rid of the bad habits or attitudes that we always want to change. Through this, we’ll feel so great to be a better one.

  2. Steph said

    If you want change in yourself you should take the first step. Just as what Saint Paul said “I do what I do not do.”. By doing this you can slowly change into a better you.

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