The overly ambitious in Adland. Self will run riot.

December 7, 2012


Ambition does funny things to a man. It really is like blinders put on a horse to make him go. The creature does not see anything but the track ahead. He is oblivious to the horses on either side of him. For him the path is clear. Nothing can stop him now!

Blindly ambitious a man becomes arrogant.  He forgets. He ignores. He wants only to move ahead. Promises to others are swept away. Commitments are eliminated. Partnerships dissolved. At this point perspective becomes a nuisance. The man calls it “destiny.” Perceives himself to be on a “journey.” He accepts that there are supposed to be losers and he creates them. He is self will run riot.

In Adland:

He is the new boss who fires his agency merely to assert himself. He is the partner who balks at his comrade to take another job. (I have been both.) He is the scammer looking for praise. He is the hack undermining his way to the top.

He is any one of us if we don’t take stock.

Don’t get me wrong. In moderation ambition is most desirable. Yet unbridled it can be devastating.

Ambition is a colt born of pride. You may very well win a few races but one fine day you will be put down.


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