America’s changing face will determine who wins Presidential election.

September 26, 2012

Who does America see when it looks in the mirror?

There are several reasons Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney in the Presidential election. For me, however, one reason stands out, as ironic as it is provocative: Barack Obama looks more like a modern American person than Mitt Romney.

There. I’ve said it. Something I’ve been pondering for months, based on an epiphany I had while watching Mitt Romney campaigning on TV, desperately trying to come off as a man of the people. I thought to myself, How is it that a biracial person named Barack Obama seems more normal than a middle-aged white guy wearing a suit? I realized in my brief lifetime the face of America has changed, almost literally, from one to the other.

In my parents’ America real adults were Caucasian, middle-aged, men. That’s what they looked like on TV. That’s what they looked like on the train. Everyone else (children, teenagers, women, blacks, Asians, Gays, etc.) was everyone else –in other words, a minority.

Now it is the once staunch icon of American Patriarchy (a middle-aged, white male) who comes off as different, even strange. A robot. I don’t know if it is technically true (based on census info, etc.) but President Obama resembles more people in this country (our cities anyway) than does Mitt Romney.

This isn’t about politics. On that score both men drive me nuts. This is about birds of many colored feathers flocking together. As more and more Hispanics, Asians and people of color assimilate into American society the age of the white dude is petering out.  The melting pot has overflowed. America no longer has a specific race to define it. And if it did it wouldn’t be Anglo Saxon. Not anymore.

The New American Family…

Think I’m wrong? Try this experiment. Next time you go to a truly public place (a movie theater or the DMV) look around you. Uh huh. That’s what I thought.

Whether we like it or not, Barack Obama will retain his Presidency.  What makes this even more remarkable is how unlikely a bi-racial President seemed just five years ago. Even now, while some still doggedly question Obama’s citizenship I’m positing that regardless of his paperwork Barack Obama has more in common with the New America than his inquisitors. Obama is or “feels” more ethnic, female, gay and youthful than Mitt Romney. Way more.

This fires up the predominantly male, white right. Yet, what they fail (or refuse) to grasp is that these minorities have grown considerably in size and stature. They are the new America. By comparison, Mitt Romney seems like your father’s President, old-fashioned and out of touch.

Scream if you want. Cheer. Whether one chooses to be empowered or threatened is too radioactive for me to probe further. I probably don’t have the chops to do it right anyway. I’m just telling you who’s going to win the election and why.


3 Responses to “America’s changing face will determine who wins Presidential election.”

  1. Cécile said

    Refreshing perspective on the topic. I agree with you, Obama looks more like a modern american person than Mitt Romney.

  2. Soapbox Munchkin said

    I concur. Obama seems to be a “now” and modern man. Romney seems like a Southern old-fashion narrow-minded red-neck with a side of racism.

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