Good bye, Chicago. I’ve brought my heart to San Francisco!

July 20, 2012

Living the California Dream…

I took Friday off to do some prep work for my move to Mill Valley next month. I had to drive out and check on some work and pay a few contractors. It was a beautiful day and I made it back to the city in time for a mid afternoon run along the Embarcadero. Running along the bay, listening to my favorite music, it dawned on me how much I have taken to this new life. Gorgeous days, a great new job, and always a view: What’s not to like?

However, for much of my adult life I just assumed Chicago was going to be my home. I was born there. My kids were born there. I know that city like the back of my hand. I’d lived in just about every neighborhood in Chicago, as a renter and a homeowner. I worked in its most famous advertising agency, Leo Burnett for over 15 years. My last house, bought in 2005, was going to be the house I died in.

And then all that changed.

View of SF, from Tiburon…

Now San Francisco and Marin County are where the Postaer clan will call home.  I moved out here first, in late February to begin my new gig at gyro (damn the small “g”). And I never looked back. The people, places and things of the 415 are my new everything. I am another in a long line of prospectors who moved west and struck gold.

What’s odd is I thought I’d miss Chicago more. I went to high school at Lane Tech, at the time the largest public high school in America. I grew up in the shadow of Wrigley Field. As a boy, I can recall waiting for players like Billy Williams and Don Kessinger to emerge from the ballpark into the parking lot. There they’d happily sign autographs before clambering into their Oldsmobiles and other decidedly average cars. Chicago was unpretentious, raucous and simple. I loved that town and it was in me, like hot dogs and cheese fries.

Giants 5 Cubs 0

And yet I don’t miss it. Not yet anyway. Not the clattering “L” trains, not the Cubbies, not even the glorious lakefront where I used to catch slews of Yellow Perch and clean and cook them for my family.

Now I’ve got the glimmering bay shining out beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. This is my new LSD (Lake Shore Drive) and I am tripping on it every day.


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