Stunning allegations regarding gyro’s new TV commercial for “Turn” and the Kennedy assassination!

June 9, 2012

Is the unnamed shooter actually Jacqueline Kennedy?

Excerpt: official press release, June 8, 2012:

On Sunday night, gyro San Francisco will debut its first television spot on the brightest of stages. A 30-second spot for technology client Turn will air during the finale of the top series Mad Men.

This bold campaign has already received recognition in the New York Times. In the article, ad critic Barbara Lippert and the editor of Ad Age both applauded the effort. And, numerous other media outlets are already singing the praises of the campaign including Mediapost, B-to-B and Adrants. There is certainly a lot of buzz building with more to come.

The spot, which will be viewable on Monday, at Turn/Decision is a most unconventional effort directed by Michael Lehmann whose credits include True Blood, Dexter and the cult classic Heathers.

Update(Classified) June 9, 2012

Several reporters, including staff from the New York Times noted the shooter in gyro’s Turn commercial looks an “awful lot like Jackie Kennedy.” This has created rampant speculation that, in fact, the TV spot is actually a reenactment on how the former First Lady’s husband, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, truly met his end –not by assassination in Dallas, Texas but, in fact, by his betrayed wife during an office tryst in Manhattan.

The Kennedy motorcade -staged?

Bloggers and conspiracy theorists are now speculating that the entire assassination, and the iconic footage associated with it, had all been previously staged to protect the President’s reputation. This would support the many publicized inaccuracies regarding that fateful day. They also point out that it wasn’t until many years after the President’s death that rumors of his infidelity came to light, calling it a cover up.

Is this the gun that shot President Kennedy?

In the commercial it is unclear if the fired bullet (gun pictured) hits either the man or woman also in frame. Just who was the target? The mystery is also heightened by other factors, including the period nature of sets and wardrobe. To wit, many have noted that the gun-toting female in the commercial is wearing an exact replica of Mrs. Kennedy’s iconic, pink wardrobe from the Dallas motorcade. (See above photos) In addition, the film is debuting on the season finale of Mad Men -a program based during the Kennedy era. In fact, in an earlier episode of the popular show the Kennedy assassination was actually covered in great detail.


Will the so-called “bonus content” on the above-mentioned website shed new light as to what actually happened? As of this writing, the site was still blocked. Sources claim it will go live sometime just before or during the final episode of Mad Men. Though cynics cannot help but wonder, producers for the show deny this is “in any way” a tactic for boosting viewership.

The advertising agency, gyro (San Francisco) and its client, Turn (Redwood, California) have no comment at this time.


13 Responses to “Stunning allegations regarding gyro’s new TV commercial for “Turn” and the Kennedy assassination!”

  1. RJ said

    Pretty whack stuff, Mr. Postaer. Playing with fire.

  2. T.W. said

    Can’t wait to see the commercial or whatever the hell it is. Nice job, Gyro.

  3. i4sh said

    I also heard Vincent Arcaro was enjoying a snowcone on the grassy knoll that fateful Dallas afternoon. How deep do you think this goes Steffan?

  4. Elizabeth said

    I love a great mystery! I’m in media and our whole agency saw the New York Times article this past week. I immediately pointed out to my coworkers that the woman holding the gun looked like Jackie O. The resemblance is uncanny! I’m going to watch the Mad Men finale tonight and I plan on watching the commercial very carefully. Is it just me or does the curvy mistress look like Marilyn Monroe? And the plot thickens…

  5. raquel montenegro said

    They could never convict Jackie; gorgeous brunettes who know how to wear a Channel suit, are invincible.

  6. Madame Z said

    Clearly, a military advisor needs to be consulted here!

  7. turnpaul said

    We neither confirm nor deny Mr. Postaer’s rantings.

  8. Manny said

    Saw that the other girl is a busty blonde. Is that supposed to be Marilyn Monroe?

  9. I’ve just gotten off the phone with the CIA about all this. They assured me there was nothing to it, but just before the line went dead I heard shouting and my contact sounded anything but sure of himself. Whatever’s going on, it’s spooky.

  10. I work for Gyro, and even though I didn’t work on this campaign, I saw men in dark suits and sunglasses waiting outside my apartment watching me as I left this morning. Other employees have reported similar sightings. Something’s up, and it’s big.

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