An ode to work: blessed are those who enjoy what they do.

April 13, 2012

The presentation. A lot of work goes into one.

I vaguely recall a brilliant quote from Raymond Carver about “the work.” But I can’t find it, even with modern search technology. I suppose I could have looked harder but I got lazy. And besides I’m tired from, you guessed it, the work.

We’ve got two major creative presentations tomorrow, which meant everything had to be packaged up tonight. We are a relatively small office here in San Francisco and so it was essentially all hands on deck.

As the art directors scrambled to address last minute requests and the copywriters (including yours truly) banged away on final, final versions of those blessed sentences that no one supposedly reads anymore, it started to rain outside, hard as hell, with thunder and lightning, a major rarity in Northern California. Like an earthquake in the sky!

There was pizza and two of the account women opened a bottle of wine. The men, dogged clichés, had beers left over from a Friday celebration two weeks ago. Someone turned on the their iTunes. It was almost festive.

And you know what? Getting there was hard as hell but for me it was even more fun than the “wrap party.” Maybe the younger ones won’t admit it but I know deep down they feel the same way, the good ones anyway. And we’ve got a lot of good ones.

Oh, I know we praise God and kiss our children but doing our jobs and doing them well is what it’s all about. There’s something magical about doing the work. From concept to creation and presentation, it’s the cat’s pajamas.

Which is why I thought about Raymond Carver and his lost ode to work, his perfectly crafted stories, brutal and brilliant, and the effort he put into them. Which is also why, in my crappy apartment in this beautiful city, the rain still drumming on my dirty skylights, I wrote this.


3 Responses to “An ode to work: blessed are those who enjoy what they do.”

  1. Scott said

    Carver was a genius. Hope you and your team feel that kind of magic in the work. I know how good you are and it sounds like you’ve found continued inspiration from Gyro and your team. That’s worth a tip of the hat.

  2. Bryan said

    Loving ones work truly is a blessing as more often than not a majority of us sell our heartbeats for change. And working in an office that defies gravity must be sweet (are the papers on the ceiling?). Congratulations again. You sound over the moon with the new gig.

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