Campaign for Residence Inn shows off spaciousness and a new tagline.

April 2, 2012

Elephant, Residence Inn

Giraffe, Residence Inn

Call me champion of the unappreciated or call me a chump but I genuinely enjoy praising advertising that is usually overlooked, often unfairly.

This new campaign for Residence Inn by mcgarrybowen (the agency the hipsters love to hate) is a perfect example. Both agency and client represent a brand of thinking that bucks trends and invites criticism. So be it. But this new advertising has a lot going for it…

First and foremost, we have a beauty of a tagline: It’s not a room. It’s a Residence. Genius. Not only does it take the ubiquitous hotel-word “room” and deposition it as a compromise but the line also makes the brand name a hero while working its double meaning. It shares many of the same qualities as my all-time favorite strap line: “Nothing runs like a Deere” for John Deere.

Then there’s the wonderfully old school “demo” featuring animals known for their bigness (a giraffe, an elephant) freely gallivanting about their “residences” with plenty of room to spare. As far as I can tell these demonstrations are totally legit, in other words no CGI or modified stage sets. Just big animals in big, beautiful hotel rooms… I mean residences. And I have to admit these residences do look pretty nice.

I’ve never been a fan of “animal commercials.” They ‘re typically too cheesy, predictable or even creepy. FYI: I never liked stupid pet tricks. It’s my opinion these spots work because the animals serve a ‘bigger’ concept and are not just there for laughs. One could argue animals and hotel rooms don’t mix and I don’t dispute this might be a turnoff for some. But I doubt it.

Finally, the film is pretty and the writing is surprisingly witty. What can I say: it ain’t bad.


2 Responses to “Campaign for Residence Inn shows off spaciousness and a new tagline.”

  1. In my big fat opinion, I like the “Room to do this and that…” and its tie-in “It’s not a room. It’s a Residence.” Like you Steffan, I dig the double-meaning in headlines. And I appreciate casting the roomy-room-roaming animals instead of the overused weary businessman traveller.

    BUT…for shits and giggles, the graphic-designer-obsessive-compulsive-attention-to-detail-particularly-to-Photoshopping side of me is not entirely sure there was no CGI used. Take another look at the giraffe spot. At 0:09″ the giraffe appears to be tightening his tie using CGI enhancement: the tie seems so much sharper in detail than the giraffe’s coat, and suspiciously slides upward to simulate being tied, as if disconnected from Residence reality. Then at 0:13″ and 0:17″ when the giraffe walks across his Residential living room, where its hooves meet the carpet, there appears to be shaded halos typical of video compositing.

    Nit pick, nit pick, nit pick. I could be wrong, but that is always a possibility when discussing shits and giggles.

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