Sadness, wonder and joy: counting my blessings in San Francisco!

March 22, 2012

A new job, a new opportunity…

I am three weeks into my new gig. Already, I have stood before several clients and showed them work I helped create. Already, I have been on two airplanes for company business, including the one I’m on now. Neither fact is remarkable; it’s my job.

But there is suddenness to it. One day I’m bopping around Chicago in sweatpants. A week later I’m climbing the Filbert Steps with a bag of overpriced and heavy groceries, the infamous parrots of Telegraph Hill mocking me from above with their caws.

Yesterday I said goodbye (again) to my family, even tougher as I’m not sure when next they’ll be back. It was my girls’ first ever visit to San Francisco. A thrill! And it was our first foray exploring real estate. We are still smarting from the sticker shock. Jesus. A million dollars barely buys you a “shack down by the river.” Oh, and there’s no river.

But, man-o-man, there are certainly views. If I had to shotgun a tagline for San Francisco it would be this: “A view from everywhere!” It’s not an over promise. From my dingy bathroom I look out on the bridge, mountains and waters of the East Bay. I am inspired every time I take a whiz. Or a walk. Just opening the front door!

Just down -very down- from my apartment on Filbert…

No question my family’s world has been turned upside down. Save for my wife, Chicago has been our home forever. My children were born in the same hospital I was. Needless to say, there have been tears. And there will be considerably more.

Yet, we are blessed. Starting with me. I have a terrific new job in one of the greatest cities in the world. Upon wiping away the teardrops, my wife and kids are keen for the adventure. Swapping homes will not be easy. But if that is not a high-class problem I don’t know what is. Many, many people would covet my issues, worries and fears. That is why tonight, as every night, when I say my prayers they begin and end with two words: Thank You.

My girls, at the fortune cookie factory in San Francisco…


3 Responses to “Sadness, wonder and joy: counting my blessings in San Francisco!”

  1. Steffan, my first gig after moving to San Francisco two years ago was in downtown at Autodesk, at One Market Street in the historic Southern Pacific Building. The 2nd floor conference room features a bank of large arced windows that look out over the Embarcadero, past the Ferry Building to frame a breathtaking quintessential view of the Bay Bridge. There were many sleepy meetings where I found myself staring out the window, completely captivated into involuntary infatuation with this beautiful city.

    “A view from everywhere” is near the top of my very long list of reasons why I love living in San Francisco. I’m glad to hear your exuberant appreciation of the sites, and hope your relocation continues to be so positive an experience for you and your family.

    I certainly found my heart in San Francisco.

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