Rock and Roll! Disruption as a creative force.

March 7, 2012

I want to talk about disruption. As first glance disruption is a bad word, meaning something has been interrupted, turned upside down. Altered.

And so I worry and wonder.

My life has been disrupted. I now live in another city and work for a new company. I am away from my family. I am meeting only new people. I do not know how to get around. And even if I did I do not have my car or bicycles. This evening I walked up a thousand Filbert Steps to get to my funky apartment near the top of Telegraph Hill. Wild parrots live on this hill. Last Sunday countless tourists marched up and down these iconic steps right outside my window.


Yet, I am giddy. Wild parrots live on my street! I realize disruption is a two way street. There is fear about what I am leaving behind but great excitement at what lies ahead. Shaking up the Etch ‘a Sketch creates a new template. Anything seems possible.

My morning commute. Are you kidding me?

I think about this as I take my place in the creative department of an advertising and ideas company. Volatile as it may be, I know disruption begets creativity. And as a new creative director, I am keenly aware of my role as catalyst. I am a disruption. And it’s scary. For the agency and for me. Yet, I know in my bones that this fear is the good kind, the kind that harkens new growth and new possibilities… for all of us.

My first morning in San Francisco, I was awakened by an earthquake. A rash of quick jolts and a creaking sound, I knew what it was immediately. Yet, I wasn’t scared. I was giddy. I embraced the feeling.


3 Responses to “Rock and Roll! Disruption as a creative force.”

  1. Chris said

    Without disruption, life would be very boring indeed. And SF is a very disruptive city. Disruptive in the best possible sense of the word. Enjoy…

  2. You’re in a great space, Steffan. Surf it.

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