Miracle Whip as sinful treat: another rogue campaign from mcgarrybowen and Kraft.

March 1, 2012

McGarrybowen and Miracle Whip have concocted an epic-sized new campaign for the other white glop. It’s something all right. But let me back up for a sec…

Miracle Whip was one of mcgarrybowen’s early signature wins on their road to world domination. Much to the chagrin of several Chicago agencies, Kraft became mcgarrybowen’s new best friend. Miracle Whip was but one of several Kraft brands delivered to its doorstep.

Their first "Don't Be Mayo" campaign had its detractors but it was a quantum leap for Kraft’s oh-so American sandwich spread, positioning the brand as a hip alternative to Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. While that campaign was all about young hipsters getting their Whip on, this new work is even more ambitious. It takes us to olden times, playing off Miracle Whip’s controversial appearance in a provincial village. Miracle Whip is portrayed as a brazen, sinful treat, the well-known red label a scarlet letter. The townspeople want to burn the witches who enjoy it, approaching a rogue household with torches and vitriol.

Read that synopsis again. It’s so unlike the old Kraft or American package goods advertising in general. For that reason alone one can and should admire this spectacle.

Obviously, it’s a joke. And a big one at that. These commercials are large, costly productions, with a massive cast decked out in period wardrobe as well as an entire make-believe town for its location. In other words: big film. My understanding is the campaign debuted on the Academy Awards. I’m not surprised.

Say what you will about the agency and its client but they aren’t backing down.

Advertising Agency: mcgarrybown, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley
Group Creative Directors: Dave Reger, Michael Straznikas
Copywriter: Tyler Campbell
Art Director: Brant Herzer
Production Company: Park Pictures
Owner/Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Director: Joachim Back


2 Responses to “Miracle Whip as sinful treat: another rogue campaign from mcgarrybowen and Kraft.”

  1. I hate to say it, but I actually believe there may be some people who are so culturally deprived that they actually think Miracle Whip is a form of sinful rebellion.

    They are probably the same people who don’t put mustard on hamburgers because it’s too spicy.

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