The gyro whirlwind: new faces and great expectations.

February 28, 2012

Christoph Becker (CCO, gyro), Me and Robert Ray (President, gyro SF)

Talk about jumping into the pool headfirst… Day One at gyro I greeted my team in San Francisco and then flew across the country to St. Augustine, Florida for meetings with gyro leadership from around the world.

It’s been a whirlwind. Not only did I meet a slew of new people but I dove into this young company’s remarkable culture. Hyper Island facilitated our sessions and by all accounts (mine not withstanding) it was another milestone in gyro’s inspirational trajectory. A few weeks ago, I did not know this company. Now I am flush with gratitude for the opportunity the gods of advertising –nay, God Himself- has put before me.

Being the newest member of gyro, I won’t get into the particulars of what transpired these last few days. This is not the time or place. But I will say this much: I’ve been to my share of global agency meetings, in far flung places with lots of very important people, but at none of those was I ever as excited and delighted as I was as this one.

I don’t know maybe it’s me. But truthfully, I think it’s them. Starting with the two men you see pictured above. My inspiration: gyro is well on the path to greatness and I’m going to help them get there.

I beg your pardon for the self-centered bent of my last couple of posts. Please cut me slack. I haven’t felt this way about work in a long, long time!


4 Responses to “The gyro whirlwind: new faces and great expectations.”

  1. I’m glad you’re fired up.

  2. Chris Parker said

    Hey Steffan,

    Re your “whirlwind” blog post, which I just read, never apologize for the occasional bout of self-centeredness. If it were caused by the all-too-usual CD curse of an overly-expanded head, it’d be different. But when it’s induced by excitement, with a new job – and a new job in this increasingly banal business of ours, no less – hey, you’re excused, allowed, and encouraged. Glad you’ve found an ad-muse (in Gyro) to reignite your passion. We should all be so lucky…


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