Entering gyro space: Warp speed in San Francisco!

February 24, 2012

My new home: Gyro, San Francisco

Well, folks, I have a new job. Effective immediately, I am the Executive Creative Director of gyro in San Francisco. Having logged but one day, I’ve only just begun meeting the team. They were gracious and welcoming. For any of you reading this blog: Thank you. And my apologies for adding yet another bald head to your ‘thinning’ ranks.

Obviously, in prior weeks I got to know members of gyro’s leadership team. They are in large part why I took the job. The CEO Christoph Becker is also its Chief Creative Officer. Bonus! A German born in Madrid and living in New York, Christoph is a difficult man to describe in a blurb. He has a poetic soul and a passionate vision for this agency. I found him to be an inspirational force. Robert Ray will be my business partner in San Francisco. Bob has an extensive background in technology (agency and client) and a healthy enthusiasm for more. I share his bold aspiration for the company. In a way Christoph and Bob represent the yin and yang of gyro. “A global ideas shop with unconventional DNA.” I’m over the moon to be joining them.

As for San Francisco, What can I say? The pioneer spirit called out to me. Go west! The Chicago winters also played a role. And so I am leaving my birthplace, where, incidentally, I have lived and worked my entire life. Did you know my children were born in the same hospital I was? You better believe it would take something special to get me out of Chicago. I believe I found that in gyro.

Back when I crossed the ten-year mark at Leo Burnett, I honestly thought I’d spend my whole career there. I felt like I had the best job in the best company in the best city in the world. And I did. Now I look forward to saying the same exact thing about my new company and home. If only someone could help me find a corporate apartment that is not a mixed bag of meh with a monster nut…

Here’s an interesting side bar. Last week, the two big winners at the Chicago ADDYS were none other than Leo Burnett and, yup, gyro.


7 Responses to “Entering gyro space: Warp speed in San Francisco!”

  1. Congrats, man. Sounds like the start of something good. In a genuinely good way. Not a “good is the enemy of great” way.

  2. Hi Steffan,

    Congratulations! Very Happy for you! I think that gyro is fortunate as well – good luck with the move and I look forward to more posts –

  3. Mazol tov! sounds ideal… here’s to a smooth transition for you and your family. and keep those posts coming – you’re an inspiring force with a refreshingly honest voice. All the best, Diane

  4. Lisa said

    The very best of luck to you. So happy to see you landed at a place you will so easily be able to make your second home. Lisa Wells

  5. Welcome to you, Steffan. We are so excited to be working with you and cannot wait to see what iconic creative we devise together. See you when you return to the office!

    Gerry Pirritano
    (One of your new designer at gyro)

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