Clint Eastwood delivers halftime pep talk for Chrysler, the auto industry and America in general.

February 6, 2012

“It’s halftime,” says the gravelly, distinctly American voice that can only belong to one man. We see him walking down the darkened tunnel, hands in pocket, yet even in silhouette we recognize him. Even in darkness he has an aura. Even as an old man; hell, especially as an old man, Clint Eastwood rocks.

Later, in Chrysler’s Superbowl commercial, Clint tells us it’s also halftime in America. Comparing our country’s economic and political malaise to what the Motor City has already gone through the actor reminds us that WE can take a punch, that WE will get up, and that when WE do you’ll hear our engines roar.

Yeah, baby! Clint Eastwood could read the proverbial phonebook and we’d be mesmerized. I was anyway. He’s that special. Getting him to give a pep talk for Chrysler is nothing short of a coup. He’s the perfect voice for a comeback story, something Chrysler (and much of the American automobile industry) is arguably making.

Was it the best commercial in the Superbowl? Probably not. Last year I gave this same brand that accolade for their “Imported from Detroit” anthem, featuring Eminem. That spot stopped me cold, pretty much putting all the talking dogs in their pens.

Clint’s opus was less surprising. The resurgence of Detroit and the American auto industry is perhaps on the wrong side of a new idea. Still. I liked it.

Though most certainly intentional, the “halftime in America” mantra seemed too much like Hal Riney’s ultra-famous “Morning Again in America” commercial for Ronald Reagan. Still. I liked it. Amidst all the comedians, anthropomorphized animals and over-the-top storylines it was nice getting serious. It kind of made my day.

For those unawares, below is the Riney spot that many say got Mr. Reagan re-elected. Watch it. Brilliant.


4 Responses to “Clint Eastwood delivers halftime pep talk for Chrysler, the auto industry and America in general.”

  1. POW WOW said

    —ONE NOTE, decades stale ‘EYE–CON’ —ALERT!–

    MEANWHILE, eastwood himself, a Korea era draftee
    who DIDN’T go, BALKS and BURIES the –20th –30th
    –40th –50th and NOW 60th Anniversary of the
    awesomely relevant, yet unfolding

    ———————–KOREAN WAR———————–.

    And all this while delivering decades of demoralization,
    cultural incest, predictive programming for the EUGENICS
    agenda —–and sundry POST American retreads.

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