RPA delivers rollicking one-two punch for Honda & Acura on Superbowl Sunday.

January 31, 2012

Matthew Broderick plays hooky in his CR-V

Jerry Seinfeld stops at nothing for an Acura NSX

Having semi-retired from the agency he helped start, my father, Larry Postaer would be the first to acknowledge he had nothing to do with RPA’s new Super Bowl commercials for Honda and Acura. However, both spots do prove he left his company in excellent creative hands.

In my admittedly biased opinion, these two spots are legitimate homeruns. I like just about everything about them. And what little I don’t won’t matter because America will adore them unreservedly. They should. Both films are well conceived, finely written and expertly produced. Most importantly, they are a ton of fun. The Twitterverse will be abuzz on Sunday, to say nothing of water coolers on Monday.

The commercial for Honda features Matthew Broderick reprising his iconic role from the 80’s film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In it, Broderick plays hooky from work, choosing instead to gallivant around town in his CR-V. I doubt it will make the 60-second edit on Sunday but here’s hoping they keep the bit with the Walrus.

Jumping ahead to the 90’s, the Acura spot has comedian Jerry Seinfeld trying his neurotic best to be the first owner of Acura’s badass new sports car, the NSX. Only to be thwarted by none other than Jay Leno! Both comics are terrific. In particular, Mr. Seinfeld, who has more funny lines than anything we’ve seen from him in years.

Though the commercials play upon fun memories from bygone eras, they both come off as completely modern. If the CR-V vehicle seems a tad arbitrary not so the NSX. While Seinfeld is known for his passion for Porsche, it is hardly a stretch to envision him craving the NSX. It’s a wicked looking driving machine.

Over the years, I’ve grown cautious about pimping anything pertaining to my own agency or that of a family member. But given this is the Superbowl and my Pops has only just retired you’ll forgive a boy for being proud.

Good texture on creation of the Broderick spot.


2 Responses to “RPA delivers rollicking one-two punch for Honda & Acura on Superbowl Sunday.”

  1. Jimbo D'Antonio said

    Back-to-Back Homeruns!!!!……….Old school; Maris and Mantle…Broderick and Seinfeld!! It has that championship “buzz”
    …Winner, Winner !!!

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