Wilson and Wexley School for Girls triumph with delightful send-up of “Tennis Court.”

January 20, 2012


Seattle’s delightfully named ad agency, Wexley School for Girls has come up with an equally inspired campaign for Wilson tennis: “The Tennis Court.” The campaign comes out of left field or, as is supered on each commercial, “Somewhere in the Swiss Alps,” bringing us courtroom scenarios where the merits of Wilson’s racket superiority get argued in ludicrous fashion.

It’s completely ridiculous…and wonderful. The casting is inspired, even down to the extras (check out the bored fat dude in the galley). I also adore the silly mishmash between tennis outfits (tight fitting and gay) and proper court attire. And the dialogue: “This headband is about to change your world!” Hilarious. Visually, the spots are bright and deadpan. In one, two pseudo-lawyers engage in a back and forth argument mimicking a vigorous volley in tennis.

Not only are these commercials fresh and funny they also unabashedly sell product. “This racket drastically improves both power and spin…changing the game of tennis,” argues the plaintiff.

What’s also nice about the work is that it isn’t yet another Nike-esque montage of athlete’s playing tennis. Wexley and Wilson avoid the massive cliché completely.

I “love” this campaign and the pun is gleefully intended. (To see more of these commercials visit Adpulp)


5 Responses to “Wilson and Wexley School for Girls triumph with delightful send-up of “Tennis Court.””

  1. HJS said

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    The stills for these spots promise so much. The casting looks great, wardrobe is fantastic. I am SO excited to hit play because I am primed and ready to laugh.

    And then…nothing.

    The writing is lazy, the editing is flabby, the sound design appears to be missing at points, the Cape Fear-style music intrudes on the dialogue. I’m astonished that, with all these wonderful ingredients, they managed to turn out spots that just are not funny.

  2. Robert Crenshaw said

    I love Wexley but personally feel this campaign is really, really lame.

    The “so good its cheating” concept is just not creative enough for Wexley work. Great production, dumb concept.

  3. Jon said

    Yeeeeet another Wes Anderson rip off… Stylistically anyway.

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