Excessmas! The rampant commercialization of holidays takes its toll on the soul.

November 28, 2011

I just can’t do what other people do with smiles on their faces and purple velvet jackets. I’m referring to the holidays. From now until January 1st, I’m just not right. Even when I drank I never got it right. I certainly got it wrong. Way wrong. But honestly, I don’t even know what “it” is. Just that I don’t like it.

I’m not the first guy to dump on the holidays. Many folks consider Christmas a mockery of Jesus Christ’s birthday. I won’t go there…not exactly. But I will say that rampant commercialism plays fast and loose with the Judea-Christian belief system. And speaking of Jews, they’ve always viewed the holidays as a one-way street with the only exits being Chinese restaurants and movie theaters.

You’d think during these tough times advertisers would ease off the gas pedal. Wrong-o Mary Lou. Lexus is back with a fleet of luxury vehicles tied up in bows. A December to Remember! And why just pick on the 1%? Walmart and K-mart and Best Buy are open at 5 AM with door crashers. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Let’s make every day of Advent an ad. Recession? Bah humbug! No Occupiers at the North Pole. To give and receive has become: Give! Receive!

Ah, but Christmas is for children…

I’ve got three of ‘em. Christmas is coming whether I like it or not. I will deck the halls. I will max out my credit cards. I will endure. But I wish it weren’t so damn relentless. I can’t teach my children well when Xmas is more like the X games. They want to play. And not with tinker toys. Excessmas!

The devil’s advocate suggests that during difficult times people crave a distraction. The lights and bells and tinsel and music. But sometimes it hurts my soul as well as my ears and eyes.

Special note: Yes, I know I’m an ad guy and played my part in rolling out Excessmas. But on GOA I’m looking at it from the rooftop, so to speak…

Parting shot (thank you, Bruce Butcher)


2 Responses to “Excessmas! The rampant commercialization of holidays takes its toll on the soul.”

  1. Steph said

    But Steff! On the other hand…you can just go with the flow. Forget about the meaning or “the reason for the season.” Just sing…drink eggnog…and be thankful you can celebrate in excess. You live – then you die…so live. Sometimes we waist too much precious time looking for the meaning. Who cares?

  2. SRP said

    I’m afraid I can’t just “go with the flow.” Sometimes I wish I could but I’m only kidding myself. But don’t let that stop you from having a joyous Excessmas!

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