When it comes to great outdoor advertising, Leo Burnett & McDonald’s reach for the stars.

November 23, 2011

Fries in the Skies…

Outdoor advertising, when it’s done well, is perhaps my most favorite advertising of all. I’ve long rhapsodized about the power of posters and how the making of signs is wrapped up in our collected DNA. There’s just something about a cool billboard that really turns me on.

Forgive the ham-fisted segue but speaking of “turn on,” feast your eyes on the latest outdoor board for McDonald’s, courtesy of my alma mater, Leo Burnett. It’s stunning. Mimicking the cut and color of McDonald’s signature side dish yellow lights shoot up to the sky from behind a vivid red box. So very modern. Yet so timeless. Just a beautiful job.

Although this might be one of the best, McDonald’s and Leo Burnett have been creating exceptional outdoor boards for decades, especially the “spectaculars.” Those, in particular, rise above the crowd, figuratively and literally.

Thick on a Stick…

Truly Golden Arches…

Typically, the best outdoor advertising comes from smaller clients, brands that have no budget for other forms of mass communication. When blue-chippers like McDonald’s interrupt our landscape in such a surprising and delightful way the Gods of Advertising smile brightly.


7 Responses to “When it comes to great outdoor advertising, Leo Burnett & McDonald’s reach for the stars.”

  1. Many, many years ago I was a copywriter at DDB LA, where the best outdoor advertising in the world was done, for the Volkswagen beetle, Ohrbach’s, American Airlines, General Telephone of California and other clients. The rules were rigid. No more than 26 characters counting the spaces. The board had to ead instantly from a distancem. It had to sell the product and it had to be memorable. I learned an amazing amount from Stan Jones, Bernie Rowe, Mas Yamashita, Dave Butler, Janet Boden and the other geniuses that worked there. What a privilage! I remember Stan Jones’s. “Nobody’s perfect.” (VW with a flat tire), Bernie Rowe’s “Relieves gas pains.”. (Also VW), and many others.

    • Bill Northrop said

      I was also privileged to work at DDB and worked with Stan Jones, Mas Yamashita and other advertising greats. I would often embarrass Stan by saying “the Nobody Is perfect outdoor ad is the best outdoor ad ever created.” Stan once told me that Bill Bernbach had only one ad hanging in his New York office and it was the Nobody Is perfect VW ad.

  2. Wow, this is awesome, and its a unanimous fact that outdoor advertising is a step ahead of indoor and this is the reason why most of the business merchants and companies opt outdoor advertising for the promotion of their business and products.

    ~Taxi Advertising

  3. If you can do good outdoor, you can do good anything. But it’s definitely not so the other way around.

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