The Penn State Pedophile, the fallout and why it’s never going to be enough.

November 10, 2011

A smiling Jerry Sandusky & Joe Paterno

Most news stories wash over me. I’m inured to popular culture. It’s all so insane. Or is the better word inane? I write about it here because it helps me make sense of “the chaos as it swirls,” to quote, of all things, Coldplay.

To wit: The last few days we’ve had Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous divorce and the implications to her “global brand.” A booby slut is a global brand? Kim’s sister Tweets the SNL parody about them was hilarious. So self-aware! All is forgiven. Besides: Herman Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block smoked a butt in a TV spot. Gasp! Followed by Herman Cain groping butts when he was CEO. Gone! But wait, there’s more… Eddie Murphy is dropping out of the Oscars because his producer/friend Brett Ratner made a gay slur in an interview. Anyone see Raw like a million years ago? It’s one big gay slur. Ratner’s Rush Hour movies are filled with them. But those are movies. People can’t talk like that in real life. Somewhere during all this hypocrisy I see a bloody Qadaffi tossed dead in a truck. The troops are coming home for Christmas…some of them…maybe. With no jobs, they can join the Occupiers. Or watch the Lakers play the Celtics on Christmas Day. Oh, yeah. Lockout. Oh, well, at least the Green Bay Packers are undefeated!

The chaos as it swirls…

But then in the eye of the hurricane: the Penn State Pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. If society has become a game of 52 Card Pickup then he is our Ace of Spades, the ultimate trump card: a blackguard who preyed on little boys, anally raping some, while his colleagues in Happy Valley called it “horsing around.” Turned the other way. Eight victims and counting not including the families…

Have we hit a bottom or just another Tweet-infested cesspool? If we blindly forgive countless Catholic priests for doing the same sort of despicable things to young men and boys are we inured to Coach Jerry and his cadre of ruined kids? I hope not. But I think so. After all, the first days of this scandal were more about Coach Joe Paterno (“Joe-pa”) and his record and his retirement and his legacy and everything else except the predator himself. Why wasn’t the FBI raiding Sandusky’s house and seizing his computer? Lord knows what is on that man’s hard drive. We should be talking about that. Learning about monsters not football legacies. Paterno is an old man who couldn’t face his friend…and the truth. And now he has been relieved of his duty, a decade late.

Yet. 40 counts of child molestation. 8 victims. Very, very bad but I fear it’s only scratching the surface. The Penn State Pedophile had decades to fashion his lair and his traps. When the digging starts I am sure we will be horrified at the body count.

But before that we will make a spectacle of football Saturday, when Penn State plays Nebraska. It’s Senior Day. First place is on the line. The signs will say: Joe-Pa we love you! People will freak and then they will kick the ball.


One Response to “The Penn State Pedophile, the fallout and why it’s never going to be enough.”

  1. C.Barris said

    Ditto unbelievable….Sad state of American social justice. How upside down has America become? At what point does the exploitation of the exploited end?

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