CNN update: Will Kim Kardashian’s quickie divorce hurt her brand? Puh-lease.

November 2, 2011

Say it isn’t so!

So, I’m at an airport watching the CNN broadcast over the flat screens in the terminal. The topic: Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days. The angle: Was the marriage a publicity stunt for the Kardashian brand and, if so, what are the implications of this divorce for the brand moving forward?

Let me first say I am indifferent to the Kardashian brand and all said implications moving forward. While Kim no doubt is a pretty woman there are lots of those on this planet and I have long wondered at America’s fascination with this particular specimen. Wondered at yes but surprised by no. That’s the world we live in. Paris Hilton. Anna Nicole Smith. Kim Kardashian. These Barbie Dolls became icons by some fateful combination of genes, money and chutzpa. That and making a sex tape.

No longer a pair…

And like the real Barbie, they are brands whether I like it or not. And while I don’t, many do. The talking head on CNN called Kardashian a lifestyle brand with a global footprint worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Sigh. The news anchor thusly wanted to know if the brand would be negatively impacted by this seemingly obvious scam marriage and impromptu divorce.

The pop culture expert answered the brand would be hurt…that young women the world over will view this event as some sort of betrayal.

Come on? Betrayal. Betrayal of what: the sacred vow of marriage? Didn’t that go out the window when the bride sold the film rights to her wedding along with numerous other affiliations? And frankly, do even the biggest fans believe –I mean really believe- all these blingy babes and real housewives are about anything other than garnering fame for themselves and their get?

The Kardashian brand will be just fine by this scandal because the Kardashian brand had no standards in the first place.


4 Responses to “CNN update: Will Kim Kardashian’s quickie divorce hurt her brand? Puh-lease.”

  1. wasn’t going to comment since I SO don’t care about Kim or her kind and especially about reality TV which is an abomination, except to say this: what the hell is going on with young women today? In the desperate desire for fame & fortune, they are self destructing at a furious rate and it only seems to be escalating. I don’t EVEN read gossip rags but at every turn, there is Brittany, Lindsay, Paris, Amy (rest her soul) and so many more I can’t keep track. Where have the sizzling yet classy dames of yesteryear gone, when it was sexy to be smart? Granted, I came of age during women’s liberation and maybe I DO believe you can have it all without selling out but apparently, the new normal is a manipulative slut, the more outrageous, the better.

    I don’t envy parents raising girls today since so few role models exist and we’re become enured to this sort of behavior. All I know is something’s gotta give…

  2. jim schmidt said

    I’ve never bought the people as brand thing. People are far more complex and therefore far more interesting than brands. And some very smart people change their personas (brands) far more often than a marketing brand would. The Beatles for example. As for KIm her she is all about publicity so anything that garners ink is good for her. After numerous sex tapes, does anyone really believe a Hollywood divorce will hurt her? Not a chance.

  3. Jeff said

    Et tu, Steffan? Can we collectively stop giving these do-nothing, trust fund grabbing, vapid whores, our attention – once and for all? The only “brand” this pig, and those of her ilk deserve is that of “dunt” fashionably tramp-stamped across their hollow foreheads.

    • SRP said

      Couldn’t agree more, Jeff. Hence my last line: “The Kardashian brand will be just fine by this scandal because the Kardashian brand had no standards in the first place.”

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