2 Responses to “Attention music lovers: others might not care what you’re listening to on spotify.”

  1. Hey Steffan,

    I’m going into my third week of experimenting with Spotify.
    I was hesitant as how many music apps does a person really need (itunes, Pandora, etc)?
    I’m an eclectic music junkie /CD Art Director. I’m constantly listening to music while I work so I thought I’d give it a try.

    Here are couple thoughts as I get ready to listen to my 398th tune on Spotify.

    1) I love the fact that I can listen to a whole album and determine if I’d purchase or recommend (something itunes does not offer).

    2) I think it’s great that I can share my itunes and Spotify library with my friends and that I can share their libraries as

    3) Spotify’s user interface looks antiquated and seems to have issues with it’s search capabilities.

    With regards to the focus of your post, my mother shares your concern. She questioned my work ethic wanting to know how I could spend so much time posting what I was listening to on Facebook. Stalker.

    While I don’t think everyone needs to see what everyone is listening to at every waking moment, I do think this has more to do with with Facebook adding the live feed column to your personal page. I wish they gave users the ability to hide the feed. TMI.




    • SRP said

      Mark- Very good info on Spotify. As I said, I believe the service is a god one. As for Facebook controlling the updates, I figured as much. I think this does user a disservice. Just ask your mom!

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