Monday Night Football: a “wild” place for commercials.

September 28, 2011

Howard and the gang, “Back after a word from our sponsors.”

I found myself watching Monday Night Football, a tight game between the Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Redskins, one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. The Cowboys would win, recovering a fumble from ex-Bear, Rex Grossman, or as we called him “Bad Rex.”

Football (college and the pros) is one of the few televised programs I watch in real time. Subsequently, it’s also one of the only places I get to see commercials in their original habitat. I view plenty of TVC’s but usually online, via links from bloggers, trades, or on someone’s website.

Funny way of looking at it: commercials in their original habitat. As if they were endangered species and the Internet a zoo for them.

Screen size aside, I wonder if viewing commercials online is the same as seeing them in the “wild.” Most would agree that seeing zoo animals pale in comparison to the real thing. My analogy is funky (I know) yet seeing spots isolated from other commercials and “your regularly scheduled TV programming” is different. For one thing we can replay them. Scrutinize them. Share them if we’re so inclined.

But on Monday Night Football commercials are fleeting and ephemeral, assuming you’re not using DVR. They slip into our living rooms like loud and colorful birds. No surprise we used to call them “flights.”

And there they were: beer commercials, fast food commercials, zillions of promos for other ball games. Just like the olden days, when we used those three minutes hustling to the bathroom, to the fridge or both.

“Use a glass, Sally.”
“Jeez, Ma, I’ll get one at the commercials!”

I barely remember when television commercials roamed our rooms, unabated by Tivo. My kids have no clue. They regularly ask me, “Why don’t you fast forward, Dad?” I tell them football is live, in real time and that I can’t just press a button. “That’s too bad,” they say.

I suppose.


4 Responses to “Monday Night Football: a “wild” place for commercials.”

  1. Michael J said

    This is going out to all advertisers of MNF.

    After ESPNs politically correct ubsurduty in cancelling Hanks MNF opening I feel obliged to write you as you are an advertiser on the program. HW Jr is only guilty of “speaking the truth” and he did not compare anyone to Hitler. He did however call Obama and his administration stooges (the same kinda stuff that late night TV does as they make fun of ALL presidents) and I believe that is what angered ESPN corporate personel. They support Obama and how dare Hank call him a stooge (after all they do write Hank a check and he should just fall in line right?) WRONG! Hank don’t do that!! Now ESPN has exposed themselves now and they will pay a price for their outrageous knee jerk reaction. I, my family and all the friends I know have talked about this and here’s our decision on what to do. If ESPN does not reinstate HW Jr. next week and we see that you are still advertising and sponsors of the program —- we will never again buy your products or use your services and that’s how serious we are on the subject. This goes beyond a MNF song! ESPN has basically just told the world – if you don’t play political ball “our way” then you will be silenced! Hank is right – our country is more divided than ever in our memories and Hank also sat right there and said “Herman Cain” (a black presidential candidate) was the best choice on the ticket right now – SO — I suppose that will pretty much silence the “He’s just prejudiced” crowd that would have been ready to jump on this train. One more thing guys — there are lots and lots of people like me who are really pissed and serious about this so take note — It’s wrong what ESPN did and we encourage you to make the right choice here —- do this and it will be a very good long term decision that demonstrates your company does not get involved or support political correctness. Continue to advertise on ESPN and it’s clear that you do support PC. – One way or the other – you have a choice to make – ESPN has just put you on the hotseat!

    • SRP said

      Although my post had nothing to do with this issue I am aware of what HW said, having watched the video.
      I agree with your position that political correctness is often a devil in an angel’s cloak.
      Maybe if Hank hadn’t been wearing sunglasses indoors on TV and his tone and manner had been more professional he would not have been booted from MNF intro. To me he appeared drunk and belligerent. His views, valid as they might be, came off as vulgar rantings, and hard to swallow.

  2. Michael J said

    Hank always wears sunglasses. Now it’s true he may have had a few drinks (he does that ya know) but — then again he could have been completely sober and his belligerence may have been spawned out of nothing more that extreme frustration with the Obama administration. Did you hear him speak of how divided we are? He feels that for sure and he is quite passionate about it — I know what he is saying bc I feel it too. His views may come off as vulgar rantings it’s true but — at this point in America’s demise is it really time for nicey nicey OR is it time for men to stand up and just friggin tell it like it is. I say the latter!

    • SRP said

      I just wish he’d have come off better. His frank POV is entirely warranted but will now be written off as Southern Stupidity. At least it’s out there…

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