Is Twitter getting more interesting and fun or just wishful thinking on my part?

September 23, 2011

I’m not sure if it’s just the people I follow, or if it’s indicative of a wider movement, but I’m receiving less ‘tactical tweets’ and more that are downright fun and interesting. By way of explanation, allow me to backtrack…

When I joined Twitter a few years ago, I quickly amassed a group of people to follow who I thought represented my interests, such as advertising, social media and popular culture. Still, I was skeptical, well aware of the criticism that Twitter was a pedestal for people who had little to say. All around me nonbelievers chided Twitter as a forum for the mundane: “I’m wearing all pink today!” or “My goldfish died ☹” Those people certainly existed. They still do.

But I quickly discovered another type of Tweeter, and while he was the antithesis of mindless chatterbox, unfortunately he was also a bore, just as self-involved as the cat and sweater people. This guy liked links (to case studies, marketing essays, gurus, wonks and even himself) and he liked lists. “Improve your blog in 5 easy steps!” Or: “Top ten reasons your digital strategy will fail.” And so on. For a while, it seemed like everyone on Twitter was trying to be Seth Godin.

At first I assumed this was Twitter, where users were either idiots or gurus. Obviously, I aspired to be the latter, and I began pushing people to those same links, lists and case studies.

Thankfully, with a little help from friends and followers, I stopped doing that. And now it seems so have a lot of people. On any given hour, my Twitter makes me laugh, provides me with valuable information and takes me places I genuinely want to go. Is Twitter right sizing and we along with it? Or is this just a lull between yet another slew of soul crushing SEO links?


3 Responses to “Is Twitter getting more interesting and fun or just wishful thinking on my part?”

  1. interesting post & here’s my two cents… twitter is just a venue, like a blog, like facebook, even like film to share whatever… who you share it with, what you share all depends… these venues are evolving and as in life, there always will be the dull & the brilliant, though most of us fall somewhere in between… and because it’s out there for all to see, it’s a force that can be used for good (to expose atrocities), evil (to annihilate individuals who don’t fit in) or for mundane and ordinary banter… it’s all good as far as I’m concerned (except when it leads to suicide) and some (you) have found the sweet spot, consistently eliciting a smile or stimulating new thought. I say let it be, rather than judge the tweets… party with who interests you and ignore the rest… twitter simply makes access easier

  2. Actually I think we slowly gather up followers and people that we follow and we snip and add until we have a stream that fits our likes and personalities. Twitter doesn’t change, but we edit the bank of the stream we sit upon.

    • SRP said

      C. Dorr-
      Yes, of course you’re right but it seems everyone is loosening up a bit on Twitter, finding what really interests them and others vs. what they think they’re supposed to be Tweeting…

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