Like macaroni my children love jingles, and the cheesier the better.

September 15, 2011

Sing along with Squidward!

Like macaroni my children love jingles, the cheesier the better. Local or regional dreck, for goods and services they will never use. Never the less, when one comes on the TV or radio the girls start singing along as if it were a Katy Perry song. Sometimes I join in, God help me.

Have you heard the one for Gerber Collision & Glass? A guy who sounds like Squidward (from the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon) sings, “Driving in my car, beep, beep, obeying the law sure is neat, hope no one wrecks into me!” Some more inane lyrics followed by the melodious name of the company. Finally a voiceover says, “We come highly wreck-ommended.” My kids like the pun as much as the song, probably because they are both so wonderfully awful.

And then there’s those Jewel vegetables crooning a bad disco song: “We’re Fresh! Exciting!” On the radio we don’t know it’s the produce singing. Either way, they love it. Too bad they hate vegetables but that’s another story.

If you can endure the horrible slice of life for Luna Carpets, the end jingle is a huge hit at the Postaer household. My kids sing the phone numbers and everything. It has replaced Empire Carpets on our set list.

While jingles haven’t been hip in a coons’ age (much like that expression), they have never been less in than now. Nobody but nobody in Adland writes jingles anymore unless 1) they want to be fired or 2) they work for a down and dirty agency who makes nothing but. Why should they, when advertisers can buy sacred cows like the Beatles\' Help for the price of hamburger?

In a weird way I find the spectacle endearing. Little girls mimicking ultra-lame commercials is a joy of parenthood! It has a kind of throwback vibe. Lord knows when I was a kid I loved me some jingles. “Two all beef patties, special sauce…” Come on sing along, you know the words.


One Response to “Like macaroni my children love jingles, and the cheesier the better.”

  1. There is a “Rain Man” quality to how many jingles my son knows…

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