Other hurricanes, non weather-related…

August 28, 2011

The Hurricane. Source of cat 4 hangovers

Hurricane Irene is in the history books. As I predicted, by the time it got to New York it had the impact of the Spiderman play -and hyped like it too.

Now that we’re all sick of the breathless coverage on the Weather Channel and Wolf Blitzer’s Pantagonia raincoat I thought a display of other non-weather related hurricanes would be fitting.

Children, can you think of any others? Surprisingly, I couldn’t…

Miami Hurricanes: scandalous & powerful

The Scorps: Rock you like a Hurricane!

In Australia, known for great ribs

Southern man don’t want him around either…

Hurricane Carter packed a punch!


2 Responses to “Other hurricanes, non weather-related…”

  1. jackhenke said

    Wasn’t there a boxer named Hurricane Carter?

  2. SRP said

    Hurricane Carter. Good one. I’ll add him now!

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