My ‘born on’ date is today and so instead of writing I’m going fishing!

July 14, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

For the last four years I’ve been able to write three posts a week on this little blog of mine. But I’m afraid that very minor track record is about to fall. For anyone out there keeping tabs, I’m sorry. I’d started something last night with every intention of posting it today.

But today is my birthday and rather than writing and editing, I’m going fishing. Even though the law says I have to release my catch, I’m going after yellow perch in Lake Michigan.

The yellow perch (Perca flavescens)

As a boy growing up in Chicago, catching them was a great passion of mine. My friends and I would get up before sunrise and head over to Belmont Harbor to wet our lines. Using the tail meat from crayfish bought the day before, we’d easily catch a hundred or more. In the afternoon, I’d bring my share home and clean them in the alley, then pan fry ’em for my mom and brother. I was pretty good at all of it. The discovery of beer and girls and other nocturnal pursuits pretty much eliminated getting up at four in the morning but that’s another story…

Only fitting, I thought, to celebrate my birthday doing the same exact thing (save for the cleaning and eating part). If I catch any -and I will- I’ll post a photo on Facebook and Twitter.

Otherwise, I’ll be back with a new post soon -definitely older and hopefully wiser. God bless!


4 Responses to “My ‘born on’ date is today and so instead of writing I’m going fishing!”

  1. Teresa Jay said

    Happy Birthday. Beautiful plan. Beautiful day. Enjoy!

  2. No need to apologize – as it’s your birthday, the above counts as a post: your record is intact 😉 Happy Birthday, and watch the dorsal spines on those perch!


  3. Jason Fox said

    Happy birthday, Steffan. It’s a good thing we weren’t friends as kids — I’d have eaten all your crawfish bait.

  4. Michael Minnis said

    Hey, Steff. Happy birthday. It’s been too long. I was going to shoot you an email, but I’m not sure I have your address. Let’s catch up soon.

    Take care!

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