The Gods of Advertising grab some bench while yours truly tries to make a living!

May 19, 2011

For a job!

As many of you know I’ve been sans full time employment for a couple months. It is a situation I hope to remedy shortly…

I’m telling you this in lieu of a more typical piece because, well, I don’t have a more typical piece. I’ve been on the road, delivering a presentation to Adams Outdoor in Michigan (a real treat) as well as interviewing for possible job opportunities elsewhere (a real blessing). Next week I’m off to Madrid giving a speech to FEPE, The International Federation of Outdoor Advertising. Followed shortly thereafter by another interview in the States. In between these trips I’ve also been doing some exciting freelance projects with a former partner and colleague. All good news.

While I deeply appreciate and enjoy these things, to do them right involves preparation as well as footwork. Therefore, Gods of Advertising gets the short sheet. It may be hard to believe but I don’t just throw these pieces together. At the risk of sounding Like Sally Field getting her Oscar: I really, really try! And so I regret I’m not able to find an appropriate topic, let alone discuss it, because of these necessary distractions, which, as I’ve already stated, I’m grateful as hell for having.

Hopefully, on the plane tomorrow I’ll be able to hunker down for an appropriate story. If that doesn’t happen, I beg your pardon. Look, I know none of you get up in the morning looking forward to Gods of Advertising. I’m not that stupid or arrogant. But Gods of Advertising is a commitment and one I adhere to religiously. Writing, like working out, is something I seldom compromise.

Thank you for visiting and keep coming back!


3 Responses to “The Gods of Advertising grab some bench while yours truly tries to make a living!”

  1. Jeana Anderson said

    Sounds like it’s time to find some guest bloggers 🙂

  2. Tracy said

    As my father is fond of reminding me, “it’s good to make a living!”

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