Excitement in creation. Beyond anger and lust it’s the best way to experience it.

May 13, 2011

Bad stock photo for elusive great feeling…

Not including sex, when was the last time you were so excited about something you couldn’t think of anything else? We all get angry -at politicians, at bosses, at our significant others. But that’s not the excitement I’m talking about. I’m talking about finding thrills in everyday stuff. Is it even possible? Life coaches tell us to live in the moment and embrace serenity. But, dammit, I crave excitement.

Which is why I love writing. When I’m in the zone –whether personal or for a client- nothing compares to it. Turning ideas into sentences and then better sentences is something that genuinely turns me on. My body buzzes. I lose all track of time. A Diet Coke on my left and a cheap cigar to my right, my fingers dancing across the keyboard, I know nothing as satisfying as that and I never will.

Oh, wait, yes I do: pitching. Lots of creative people dread presentations but I’m not one of them. Yes, your audience might not like what you have to say but I never think about that when I’m walking to the podium. I’m too excited. If writing is like the perfect marriage of heart and head than pitching is a one-night stand. I never feel so alive as when I am standing in front of a crowd.

The ad game, or whatever we’re calling it, is still about creating ideas and presenting them, which is why I can’t wait to do it again… and again and again.

What makes other people tick? Seeing their children born? That’s the Hallmark card answer but, honestly, how many of us (men) truly remember it? I was wired, tired and scared, secretly wishing it were 1962 so I could go down the hall and smoke cigarettes. Ladies- I can’t imagine what giving birth is like. Creating life! It’s like being God. Yet, you were pretty miserable doing it. Hence the epidural.

For a lot of us, sports provide unmitigated excitement. Racing downhill on skis. Setting the hook on a monster pike. Catching the perfect spiral for a touchdown. Maybe that’s why sports are so damn popular…because it’s one of the few times and places where civilized men and women can experience excitement. So potent, it even translates to spectators.

In the end, I like writing and pitching. What about you, Gentle Reader? What makes your motor run?


5 Responses to “Excitement in creation. Beyond anger and lust it’s the best way to experience it.”

  1. Oh, yeah, writing and pitching are wonderful. But what about concepting? Holing up with one or two really smart people and feeling ideas form out of the void? Love it.

    • SRP said

      No doubt, David. But you’ve got to admit when it’s your concept they’re grooving on is when the adrenaline pumps.

  2. I’m with ya – it’s the writing. When you’re inside and the words peel off like threads and create this sort of tapestry – it’s cool. And for me – on the fiction side – there’s nothing better than that point – maybe 80-90-100 pages in when the characters you’ve been creating suddenly start calling the shots in the story – maybe that’s the male side of the birth thing –

    It’s after midnight and I’m heading up now to do final manuscript edits –

    Man, cheap cigars…sigh…I miss my nicotine…

  3. Mark said

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