Is Coors Light “Two Stage Cold Activation” jumping the shark?

May 11, 2011

“Two Stage Cold Activation?” Um, it’s a can.

So, what are we to make of beer labels that turn color when the beer is cold or, in some cases, super cold? I always thought that’s what hands are for. Yet, these transforming labels must be attracting customers because we continue to be bombarded by commercials touting them. The latest TV spot from Coors Light features rapper/actor, Ice Cube staring down a bottle to see which one is the coldest.

Like most American beer commercials, this one is silly. But it gets the point across: Frost brewed Coors Light is the coldest, most refreshing beer on earth. Over the years, Coors has done an excellent job owning coldness, giving fits to Bud light and Miller Lite. Whatever one may think of specific commercials, there can be no disputing the incredible job Coors light has done marking its territory and growing it.

But a label that turns blue when it’s cold? On one level I get it: another way to own coldness and brand the bottle. But I can’t help thinking it’s dangerously close to a SNL parody. I mean, only a moron needs this kind of assistance. In fact, the other day I saw a print ad for Heineken asserting their drinkers are not so dim as to require coldness stickers.

Clearly, Coors light is undaunted by such criticism. They added a second banner on the bottle indicating when your beer is not just “cold” but “super cold.” Guys, the first one is already pointless. In my view, the brand is jumping the shark.

But lest you think Miller Lite and Bud Light cast any stones, they first need to think about their “vortex bottles” and “born-on dating.”

The Vortex Bottle!


4 Responses to “Is Coors Light “Two Stage Cold Activation” jumping the shark?”

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  2. “Real men” don’t go for labels telling them their beer is cold anymore than they go for razor blades telling them when the blade is dull. Gimmicks for wimps!

  3. Small brewer in Colorado picks up on the ludicrousness running rampant in the category:

  4. […] stay fresh with new, gimmicky products. Whether it’s a taste protector lid, a vortex bottle, a stripe on the can that tells you your beer is cold (just in case you’re a goddamn idiot), the underlying theme here is to change very little, […]

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