CK drives Porsche advertising into very unfamiliar territory: “Everyday Magic.”

March 28, 2011

Everyday Magic…For 100K.


Quick, what’s your first thought? Fast? Expensive? Douche bag?

I guarantee it’s not “everyday magic.” But that’s Porsche’s new handle, courtesy of CK in Chicago. Specifically, the tag is “Engineered for Magic. Everyday.” But even adding the performance word doesn’t change the fact that this is very new territory for Porsche.

Is it a good place to park such a famous racing car? One thing is certain: I love that Porsche’s new campaign isn’t yet another car on a road with a pithy headline about RPM’s stirring your soul.

I chose the word “park” because just about every shot in the anthem commercial shows the car not moving. Rather, the sporty vehicles sit there, waiting for their owners to fire them up. This I like. We all know how fast these cars can go. It’s nice to see them idle, kind of like a beautiful woman not revealing too much skin. Such sleek, unmistakable design. Those liquid lines. Fact is Porshes look fast standing still.

As for the ‘everyday’ bit, this likely is a nod to research suggesting Porsche needs to lighten up in the market place. Performance has gotten them as far as they can go. And now they want more. Just as SUVs went from off road to the shopping mall Porshe now wants off the autobahn and into the carpool lane.

As I think about it, the strategy seems sound, even obvious. As it is, Porsche is just too racy for Dick and Jane. We want the middle class, this commercial is saying, and not just when they’re having a mid life crisis. But everyday, be that going to work or picking up the kids at school.

One has to admit there’s something delightful about seeing regular folks doing regular things behind the wheel of these pretty cars. Maybe not to car nuts but that’s a risk Porsche appears willing to take.

Thank you, Chicago Egoist


5 Responses to “CK drives Porsche advertising into very unfamiliar territory: “Everyday Magic.””

  1. brian said

    Porsche, not porshe

    Other than that, agree

  2. Chet said

    Porsche is diluting their brand, trying to make it appeal to the masses. The masses can’t afford it. It’s a strategy that will fail, the brand will lose money for VW, and VW will eventually spin it off, where it will become a performance brand again. Just my thoughts, but quite frankly the new ads make me want to sell mine–until I drive it. They need to get back to featuring performance.

  3. Mark Salusbury said

    I think the ad is wonderfully effective, making us all look at Porsche with fresh vision.

    Now can anyone tell me what the music and artist is that accompany the ad? It’s so familiar but I just can’t place it.

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