St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Time for your “drunkening.”

March 18, 2011

Homer’s a cartoon…

…What’s your excuse?

One of my all-time favorite episodes of the Simpson’s is about St. Patrick’s Day. The whole town of Springfield gets drunk and stupid, more so than usual. Everyone is stumbling, puking and fighting. Even the cops. Especially the cops. And all of them are wearing that dumbass shade of green. Just like in Chicago, right? Only when Bart accidentally gets drunk does Springfield’s citizenry show any concern.

When it comes to drinking, St. Patrick’s Day rivals New Year’s Eve for “amateur night.” I’d argue that given Chicago’s ‘proud’ Irish heritage March 17th is actually bigger and dumber than Dec 31st. We dye the river green!

For me, the mandatory drinking that the “holiday” requires is plain annoying. Always has been. The mob scene it engenders is downright disgusting. By 7 PM North Clark Street resembles Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Rush Street is even worse.

Before you take me for a Puritan, you should know for many years alcohol was one of my best friends. We went to high school together. In college, I graduated from beer to vodka. Like playing quarters, beer just seemed silly. Plus it took too long.

My point: I took drinking far too seriously to be caught dead in some Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day. Granted, I took drinking far too seriously period but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m not a fan. That said here’s a clever piece of outdoor advertising from McDonald’s and Leo Burnett. Cheers!


One Response to “St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Time for your “drunkening.””

  1. Tracy said

    It’s working even second-hand. I’d kill for a Shamrock Shake right now.

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